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Why I Don’t Wear A Bra

maart 29, 2017

Around the age of 12 I begged my mom to get me my first bra. Not because I needed it. Honestly there wasn’t really anything to hold in place, if you know what I mean. The biggest reason for wanting a bra was because all the girls at school started to wear them.

Now my mom was totally against me wearing padded and wired bras at that age, because she believed they caused health implications. So her solution was buying me two of the lamest bralettes ever. A black one and a white one; shaped like little triangular teabags.

Eventually I convinced my mom to get me a padded bra, without the wires. I was so happy. Wearing a padded bra made me feel more feminine. Then when I started earning my own money I bought all kinds of bras. Especially the ones with push up, because it made my breast look way bigger then they actually were. There was no shame anymore when taking off my shirt in the changing room before P.E. class in High School!

Even though I found bras pretty uncomfortable to wear I thought they were necessary in order to prevent my boobs from sagging, to keep them perky and not let gravity have its way with them. I wore a bra was because I thought it was expected of me. Every girl wore a bra, so I should too.

From the age of 12 until 22 I wore a bra. Always. They poked me, stabbed me and left red marks on my skin. They made it harder for me to breath sometimes. Still I kept wearing these harnesses.

Luckily the mindset I had about wearing bras changed completely. The change in mindset didn’t come from other people their opinions or reading the last scientific studies about the pro’s and con’s of wearing or not wearing a bra. Nope. I just decided to stop wearing a wired bra for a while, to see what would happen.

And you know what happened…. Pure comfort and happiness happened, haha!

Almost every girl out there reading this knows the blissful feeling of removing their bra at the end of the day. The release of tension when I unhook those clasps and add a little “aaaah” to it; wonderful! I feel free, liberated and not caged in any longer by that torture device. I am able to actually breath again.

It was only natural to ask myself this question: “Why don’t I want to feel like this… all the time?” 

So first I stopped wearing bras when wearing thicker clothing like sweaters or vests. Eventually I stopped wearing bras no matter what I was wearing. I got so used to the feeling of not wearing a bra that the discomfort and tightness along my back and underneath my breasts when wanting to wear a sexy or cute bra were not worth it anymore.

But maybe it was because I wasn’t wearing the right bra? Maybe the bras I still had left were too small for me?

To be very sure about my decision I took those questions in consideration. At a professional underwear store my breasts were measured up and I got advice about wearing the perfect bra. Well, even then the bras didn’t feel comfortable for me.

That day I decided to throw away all my wired and padded bras. I threw them all on a pile, poured over some gasoline, got a lighter and…. No just kidding. I wish I had though. Damn you metal chest chokers!

I gladly stopped wearing bras, but I felt insecure about the shape of my breasts. My breasts didn’t look like the round hard balls every girl had without a hard padded wired bra. They rather looked like bell shaped slopes or something. But it was something I needed to get used to.

As time passed by so did the fear of getting saggy breasts. In my experience my breasts got rounder, perkier, lifted and fuller. I think this is due to the fact that my blood and lymph can flow better now. Probably collagen production increased as well.

The decision of not wearing a bra resulted in more understanding towards my body. By understanding my body more, I could accept my body and by accepting my body I began loving my body more. It boosted my confidence. The insecurities about my breasts vanished. Naked or covered up; I am very, very, very happy with them. I am also very happy that I won’t have to go bra shopping anymore :).

This was basically my story about why I don’t wear a bra. I purposely choose to not make this an article with a collection of scientific facts about what happens after you stop wearing a bra. I wanted to share my experience as it gives a more personal touch. I hope this might help you in any way, (boob)shape or form.


Lots of love,


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  • Reply Malik Williams juni 21, 2017 at 2:03 pm

    This is dope!

  • Reply John Patrick Feeney september 3, 2017 at 6:13 am

    Dont k know why but your sincerity was refreshing

  • Reply Curiosity september 6, 2017 at 6:46 pm

    Hey Kristel, I’ve read/heard about similar initiatives on going bra-fee from some other women online. You also mentioned that you started off not wearing a bra when you wore sweaters and later stopped it all the time. If you could indulge by answering a few questions, it might help (FWIW, I’m a guy, and not asking for any creepy/pervy reasons). How do you deal with the nipples standing up (cold weather or friction or anything else) when you’re wearing just a t-shirt or thinner top alone? Have you adapted yourself to ignore stares from guys and people in general, or do you carry a scarf (or wear one) to help cover it up? Or is the culture in your place not as bad/creepy/uncomfortable as in other places in the world?

    Just curious. 🙂

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