8 Easy Step To Self Improvement

maart 5, 2017

I found that self improvement can be a difficult and effort costing task.

For that reason I wanted to share with you 8 easy things I am doing to help myself improve on a spiritual, physical and mental level. Speaking from my own experience, they work extremely well.

1. Read more

Read as much as you can. Not only fiction, magazines or comics. Read them too. But also poetry, scientific studies, classic novels, newspapers, blog posts and non-fiction books. Read, read, read.

Reading expands your vocabulary, it makes you see things from different perspectives, it can make you question things and helps you concentrate better. It stimulates your mind and keeps your brain active. Those are a lot of beneficial things, so I encourage you to do it everyday!

2. Try to be alone

Take some time out of your day to be by yourself. Completely alone, without your phone or laptop. Without any unnecessary stimuli. You will find that there is no need to be surrounded by people or the internet all the time.

Being alone gives you time to reflect on your thoughts and your life. Discover things you didn’t know about yourself. Recharge and unwind. Become your own best friend and you will never get bored.

It may be hard, but it is totally worth to get to know yourself a little better.

3. Challenge yourself – Get out of your comfort zone

Meet knew people, don’t be so quick to judge. Make that phone call you have been postponing right this instance, look people in the eye when you speak to them and get out of your house everyday.

Step out of your comfort zone and conquer your fears. The comfort zone is a pretty comfortable place, but nobody ever achieved great things without doing something they never did before.

Who cares if you make a fool out of yourself. Don’t take life too seriously. But take risks. To fail is better than to not try. Accept that life is not always going to be easy, so just buckle up and go for it.

4. Practice self love

I believe many insecurities stem from not having integrity. You can only trust yourself is you are completely honest with yourself. Loving yourself comes with honesty and respect for yourself.

Be the observer of your thoughts. Don’t focus on the negative thoughts in your mind, just let them pass through if they emerge. Instead focus on the positive ones and manifest them.

Be kind, be gentle, be love itself. Repeat positive affirmations when look at yourself in the mirror. Reward yourself when you achieved a goal. Treat your soul, body and mind in the same way you want others to treat you.

Don’t compare yourself to others. It will feel like a race you will never be able to win. Instead compare yourself to who you were a moment ago and go from there.

5. Wake up early

Avoid sleeping through the mornings. Early mornings can be so magical. The air is different, fresher maybe. There is less noise and so you are able to hear the birds sing. Don’t you want to see the sunrise a couple of more times in your life?

Waking up early changes your life once it is a habit. Days become a lot longer and there is more time to do the things you love. You can get ahead of the game, get things done and enjoy the rest of the day.

6. Start a journal

Writing regularly effects your brain and well being very positively. An easy way to go about it is to start a journal. Reflect back on moments in your life in the comfort of you own home. Nobody is there to judge, you have all the control over what you write down.

So write down every though, emotion, feeling and story that comes to mind. In turn it releases stress and emotions that may have build up inside of you. Besides releasing stress and emotions, creativity levels will increase once you start writing on a regular basis.

7. Exercise daily and eat healthy

We have been given only one body. It is basically our only real possession in this world. So in order to enjoy our body and use it to its fullest potential we have to take care of it as best as we can.

Two really basic things we can do to take good care of our body is daily exercise and eating healthy. They are super important not only for physical health, but also for mental health.

Keep yourself hydrated and eat fresh, nutritionally dense foods. Center your diet around fruits and vegetables. Avoid the quick pleasure of high fat, high in sugar and salt foods. Remember that healthy eating can be very delicious. Take your time to learn new recipes.

Move your body daily. Find a type of workout you love and you can do consistently. Take walks, do yoga or some stretching after you wake up. Prioritize it.

8. Unlearn bad habits and start creating good habits

The majority of us are addicted to all kinds of things like food, caffeine, television, games, drugs, pornography and more. Many of us will most likely not admit or notice the addiction.

Take some time to self reflect and find out if there is any habit in your life you would like to quit or create. It varies for everyone, but generally a habit can be learned or unlearned in about two months. You can challenge yourself to go 90 days without smoking, watching TV or playing video games.

Do you find yourself making excuses for not being able to do it?

That can mean you are addicted… Now don’t get discouraged. If you are really determined to change a certain habit, just try again. At some point you’ll find you have suffered enough, and that is the point when you will completely stop a bad habit.

My advice is to unlearn before you learn. Make space by emptying yourself first, and start building up whatever successful habit it is you want.



Source of pictures.

I have followed some of these steps for a long time now. Some I started recently. I really think these steps improve my life, so I really wanted to share them with you. I hope they can help to make a positive difference for you as well. Don’t forget to take it one step at a time!

Thank you so much for reading. Leave your thoughts and maybe your own self improvement step in the comment section below.

Lots of love,



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  • Reply sophia maart 8, 2017 at 11:59 am

    Love this post! Thanks for sharing! I definitely need to get up earlier. I love journaling though so that’s good! 😀

    • Reply Kasumikriss maart 8, 2017 at 12:33 pm

      Thank you so much Sophia! Great that you love journaling too 🙂

  • Reply Savan changela april 3, 2017 at 8:27 pm

    Very nice…I am practicing also many of these things parallelly and feeling very good… as I have a habit of sleep at late night I am failing getting up earlier and exercise ..happy to read this..people like u encourages us.thanks.

    • Reply Kasumikriss april 4, 2017 at 12:25 pm

      Happy to hear they work for you too! Good luck with trying to get to bed earlier, that is also a good note for me haha 🙂 thank you a lot for your comment

  • Reply Empress september 5, 2017 at 5:35 pm

    Nice article as always..☺

  • Reply aon september 19, 2017 at 8:56 pm

    I just want to say Thank you from heart.

    • Reply Kasumikriss september 24, 2017 at 4:33 pm

      Ahw, sweet. You are welcome. Thank you too 🙂

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