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Cleaning Out My Closet | Minimalism

februari 9, 2017

Welcome to another Minimalism post!

Today I share how I clean out my closet. I thought it would come in handy to make a blog post about it now that spring is almost nearing. Yes, yes march 20th, it is closer than you think.

If you have seen my video on this topic(check end of this post) you know that ever since I went Vegan I dove into the world of minimalism. I loved the idea and embraced it. My life has become simpler and I became a lot happier.

Now, let me explain how I clean out my closet in order to help you out.


Start off in sections

This totally depends on how big your wardrobe is, but diving straight into your closet without knowing how to begin can be pretty intimidating. Procrastination might follow.

I made the process of cleaning out my closet easier by I starting off in sections.

Instead of taking all my clothing out of my closet all at once, I did it one section at a time. For example I took out all the clothing that was hanging, I sorted out what to keep and what to get rid off. Then I began sorting through everything I had folded up and etcetera.

Rather than seeing cleaning out my closet as one big chore, I made it more manageable by making smaller tasks out of it.

Create a yes, no and maybe pile

I came up with my own sorting system of placing my clothing on a Yes, No or Maybe pile.

The Yes Pile: all the clothing which I love, regularly wear and serve a functional purpose.

The No Pile: all the clothing I want to get rid off, I haven’t worn in months or are super old. Also things that are ripped or broken go on here as well. They are ready to be sold, given away or to be used as cleaning cloths.

The Maybe Pile: consists of all the clothing I do not yet know what to do with. Instead of contemplating whether it should go on the Yes or No pile, I leave it on the Maybe pile so I can come back to it later.

Once I am done with sorting through all my clothing I go back to the Maybe pile and ask myself the following questions:

  • Have I worn this in the last three to six months?
  • Is this really my style/taste?
  • Do I still love this item?
  • Does it fit me properly?
  • Am I going to wear this soon? 
  • Would I buy this again?

If I answer no to the majority of these questions the item will join the No pile. If I answered yes more often I will give it another shot.


Some extra tips..

Get rid of just-in-case items

Generally we hold on to things thinking we’ll need them somewhere in the near future. You know, just-in-case for that one particular special occasion. Which most likely, never happens.

With just-in-case items I mean that special dress you once wore and keep, because you think you need it just-in-case you have to attend another wedding. Or those jeans you keep in the back of your closet, just-in-case you loose those extra pounds so you can fit into them again. Most of them are just collecting dust and taking up space in your home.

Of course it is understandable to think twice before getting rid of a just-in-case item. When it’s very expensive or hard to get, keep it. But when you can easily and cheaply replace it, don’t hesitate to throw it out!

Keep inspiring items

I love it when a big comfortable hoodie makes me want to prepare some tea and get some work done at my desk. Or when a pair of cute leggings make me want to head to the gym for a nice workout. Am I the only one that gets inspired like this? No right?

This is why I believe it is great to keep items that inspire and excite you.

If a pair of jeans doesn’t make you happy or don’t make you feel good when wearing, throw it out!

Keep your emotions at bay and let go of the attachment of certain items. You will see how much easier it gets to throw out what you don’t like and keep what you love.

Sell or give away your clothes

At the end of going through your whole closet you may or may not have a huge pile of clothing to get rid off. It is okay if you don’t. A couple of items is a good start.

With what you have left you can do several things. Sell, donate or give them away to friends!

I love to give stuff away, because in the end it makes me feel happy. Same goes for donating. The clothing will be out of sight and out of mind, but someone else benefits from it.

Don’t get me wrong I also like to receive money, but selling clothing takes time. You need to take pictures of your clothing and post them online. You need to wait for somebody to actually buy it. Then the clothing needs to get shipped. But getting some money for all your work in return, is pretty satisfying when you need it.

Be aware of what you buy next

Unnecessarily shopping for clothing will fill up the space you created. Eventually it ends up in a bunch of clutter again. Now that you have more space in your closet and a better overview of the items you can wear, be mindful about you purchase next.

Only purchase something when you really need it. Let some time go by before you engage in purchasing something and see if it wasn’t just an impulsive behavior.

Pictures from Unsplash

Did you find this way of cleaning out your closet helpful? Please let me know in the comments down below. If you have any tips don’t be scared to share them as well. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you visit here soon again!


Lots of love,


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