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How To Start Running

januari 28, 2017

I am super excited for this year guys! I want to create more content on my blog than I did last year. Let’s hope I can promise that to myself and you.

For the second post of 2017 I wanted to make some people their new years resolutions a little easier. All you newbie runners out there, you came to the right blog post! So before you head out the door take moment to read about my 7 tips on How To Start Running and my personal advice at the end.

Wear Comfortable Gear

Clothing – When going out for a run outside or on the gym treadmill it is very important and beneficial to wear clothing that makes you feel comfortable. Clothing with a nice fit for your body type are a must. Your sports bra shouldn’t squeeze the life out of you and your pants shouldn’t be falling off your bum. Comfort is key!

Make sure your clothing is weather appropriate – Running during winter is very different from running during summer. Even a couple of degree Celsius can make a huge difference. When it is freezing outside it is better to wear a beanie or something to cover your ears. When the sun is out, but it still a bit frisky out bring a vest. You can always take it off and bind it around your middle.

Wear reflecting clothes – Going for a run outside, especially at night requires clothing which can reflect light. It is important for other people to be able to see you on the road from afar. Even if you think you are safely running on the pedestrian lane. Try to avoid all black and go for more colorful, reflecting gear.

Don’t make a big deal out of how fashionable your outfit looks – I like to wear whatever I can find in my closet. Most of my gear doesn’t match each other, but that is fine. As long as I feel comfortable. You are not walking/running the runway!


Get some proper shoes – I recommend you to get some proper running shoes. Shoes which are not too tight. Your toes should have enough space between them. A good grip is just as important. Next to that they should be pleasant to run with instead of hurting you. Your joints will thank your for investing in some good pair of running shoes!

Minimize What You Bring With You

Try to minimize the things you bring on your run outside, because it can get pretty uncomfortable carrying things like your water bottle, phone, earphones and keys all at once. I love to run as light as possible.

My phone and keys are basically the two things I take with me. I only bring a water bottle when I run somewhere far from home. I leave my water bottle at home when I run around the block or nearby and I leave my keys at home when somebody is able to open the door for me when I get back.

Belongings that you bring with you should be kept somewhere save, in good pockets or in a phone strap around your arm. Please don’t put your phone in your bra or behind the elastic band of your undies. That’s bad, and can be dangerous. If you really need to bring multiple things with you, invest in a sturdy bumbag.

Plan A Route

The gym is an easy and save place to start running. The treadmill can be set to your own preferences. You are able to change the speed, incline and time all before and during your run. Pretty simple.

When running outside, in the city, through the forest or around your neighborhood it can be a lot different. Take a moment to plan a route with a time estimation and a proper distance. Planning ahead like this will make you feel more secure, because you know exactly what you are going to do, where you are going and for how long.

Get Excited!

Inspire yourself with visuals – Dive into the world of running by watching videos and reading articles about running. YouTube and Google are able to help you out with this. Also bookstores are full of handy books explaining all the ins and outs about running.


Make sure you set a goal for yourself –  What is it you’d like to achieve with running? Do you want to become a sprinter and be able to run fast? Do you want to do long distances and increase your endurance? Figure out what it is you want to achieve and write it down so you can always look back at it when you need to.

I personally find it a bad idea to have a weight loss goal attached to running. People might stop running completely because they aren’t loosing weight fast enough and feel like running is not for them. Which is so unfortunate! Instead focus on a fitness related goal like becoming faster or increasing your endurance. The body will come afterwards.

If you are able just to run for fun, because it makes you feel good that is even better!

Make running fun and challenging for yourself – When you are a beginner with no experience whatsoever, start with walking in a fast pace to raise you heartbeat. From there on try adding in 30 seconds to one minute of jogging. Then walk again. For example you can start with 10 minutes in total. The first two minutes you walk, then jog for one minute and then walk for 2 until you are done. Try to increase it each time you go until you can run all the way.

If you are more experienced challenge yourself by doing intervals and try to beat your last speed. You can also increase the amount of time or distance each week for endurance. Keep track of your progress and watch yourself improve.

Have a running buddy – Running together with somebody can make running more fun. If there is anybody you know who wants to start running too, go together. Having someone next to you during your run can make you feel more secure and save. A buddy can motivate you, talk you out of those days that you don’t feel like it and you can share experiences and tips with each other.

If you are out of luck and nobody wants to go running with you, then fear not! Big chance that you have some running clubs around you. Just sprout the internet. It is amazing to be surrounded by a community of people with similar interests and goals.

Stretch After Running

After you are done with a run, cool down your body by walking it out. When your heart beat gets back to normal take your time to stretch.

Stretching is a great way to balance yourself and relax. It battles muscle soreness, it increases flexibility, decreases potential injuries and it will help you gain better posture.

Create A Schedule

Running on a regular base requires a clever schedule. Choose a couple of days out of the week to go for a run. Two to three days are perfect. Especially as a beginner you don’t have to over do it. Be flexible and run whenever it suits you. It is really nice to have a steady rhythm as your body and mind will get used to the routine.

Rest And Eat Well

Listen to your body – Whenever you are in pain due to an injury or a body part is aching it can be a sign you have overdone yourself. Listen to the signals your body gives to you before it gets worse. Having a break in between the days you run will help your body recover faster. On these days you can add in some yoga or extra stretching. Also getting enough sleep is very important for recovery.

Eat carbohydrates for energy – Doing cardio training like running requires a lot of energy. Eating carbohydrate rich foods will help you with keeping your energy levels up so you can run longer and better. Carbohydrates are really your friend when it comes to running.

I prefer to eat complex carbs like oats, brown rice, quinoa and sweet potato. Fruits are an amazing source of energy too, they taste sweet and are very healthy. Beans and lentils are excellent as well and will provide you with some extra protein.

Leave the refined, processed and simple carbs alone. Carbohydrates like these mostly contain empty calories and are not the healthiest for you.

Stay hydrated – Drink a good amount of water before your run to stay hydrated. Hydration is key! But don’t overdo it. You don’t want all the water jiggling in your tummy during your run.

I also wanted to add this..

Whenever you feel down; go for a run. Whenever you feel full of energy, go for a run. Release all your feelings and energy while running and receive wonderful benefits back. Your body and mind will thank you for it.

You don’t have to look pretty, you don’t need the latest runners fashion. You just need yourself, some motivation, some discipline, comfortable gear and you’ll be fine.

Discover what makes you feel good and stick to it. Do what you are able to do, but don’t be afraid to challenge yourself and change things up whenever you feel like it. No excuses and don’t be too strict. Have fun!

Pictures are from here.

I hope these tips and ideas motivated you! Let me know if you are going to start running this year and why? I would like to read about it. Other comments are more than welcome too! Thank you so much for stopping by on my blog. See you next time!


Lots of love,


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