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6 Things I Dislike About Japan

juli 13, 2016

After doing a post about the things I like about Japan, I also made one about the things I dislike about Japan. What could I possibly dislike about such an awesome country? Well let’s find out!

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Everybody knows smoking is unhealthy. I think it’s useless, stinky and stupid. While you smoke you damage your health and at the same time the health of others around you. I also find it horrible when parents smoke around their children. I don’t think these type of parents are responsible.

I made it clear to you that I have a problem with smoking in general, so it is not that I dislike smokers only in Japan. But the bothersome thing in Japan is that smokers are everywhere. Walking down the streets I could spot a smoker almost on every corner. A lot more than I am used to in my own country. Luckily the numbers of smokers in Japan are decreasing. I hope I will encounter less and less people who smoke in my upcoming visits.

Roll of the women

I’m all about equality, equal chances and equal rights. People should be able to do what they want (without inflicting harm to others of course). So if you are a female and loving life as a stay-at-home-mom, cleaning, cooking, taking care of the children while your man brings in the salary, good for you! But when you are being forced to do these tasks just because you are a woman is not so good in my book.

In Japan it is generally expected that women raise the children and be the lovely housewife. They should be submissive and do as they are told. Men are supposed to take care of the family financially and work long hard hours to do so. I find that there is this superiority about men. Women are not given the same opportunities as men when it comes to promotions or hiring. Men are the ones having top jobs and are granted great opportunities at work.

I find Japan to have a very male dominant culture, which some like and some not.

Following rules blindly

Japanese people are more collective than individual. The group is what matters most. Although this has a lot of benefits within a society, people will easily follow and do whatever the group does without questioning. Creating an own opinion will become a harder task.

I see the same when it comes to rules. I find that some Japanese people follow them blindly. They just do it because everybody else does it. Of course it is wrong to transgress a rule, especially when the consequences are bad, but when you ask why it is wrong or why do you follow this rule? They pretty much don’t know. They follow the norm, but have no idea about the value behind it. This can make people total drones with no critical thinking abilities.


Like I mentioned before Japanese are collectivist rather than individualists. They tend to seek harmony among the group and care more about others than themselves. Avoiding confrontations is a must. It is seen as impolite to say “No” to somebody. But I think that is where problems can happen. If you mean to say no but say something else instead it can cause confusion. How am I to know for sure what you really want? You can start reading body language, but aren’t situations like that more prone to miscommunication?

This can also be something personal. I come from the Netherlands and people are very direct here. Most of the times they give a direct answer to a question and will let you know exactly what they think. I find that to be an effective way of communicating, a way to get things done. I don’t find being indirect to each other to maintain the harmony a good foundation of communication.

High pitched voices

If any of you have seen anime you know what these high pitched voices sound like. Squeaky, high, extremely cute and mostly nasal voices that penetrate your eardrums like it is nothing. I don’t think there is anything wrong with having a voice like that, but what I do find slightly annoying is that almost every single girl working at a mall in a clothing shop has this particular voice. They shout welcome phrases to lure you into there store and sell you there latest items. All sounding exactly the same *cringe*. WHY?! Why do these girls make their voice sound all the same? Why does it need to be so nasal and childlike?

Plastic wrappings/ Everything is wrapped separately

I always find that Japan has incredibly fun and colorful packaging of products they sell. Everything is packed very neatly. And when I say everything, I mean literally everything. From food to toys. Let’s take a bag of candies for example. It will have all the candies within the bag wrapped individually. I thought this was super convenient, because it makes sharing or giving away the candies a lot easier. But when I came to think about it a little deeper it is actually such a waste of plastic. Wasting so much plastic contributes to the pollution of the earth while it is totally not needed.

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I hope you found this post interesting! Share your thoughts on it in the comments 🙂

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