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How I lost weight for good!

juli 9, 2016

I always wanted to get lean and fit, but I never could loose the extra weight I was carrying around. Then I found out about an amazing lifestyle which made me shed the pounds without even realizing!

As a young and naive girl I would look for ways on how to lose weight fast. I felt happy after loosing some weight here and there. Happy, until all the weight came back plus more. I thought I was undisciplined and failure for not being able to follow the simplest diet tips.

At some point after spending hours on the internet researching about how to eat healthy I found some very valuable information. I found out about a High Carb Low Fat Vegan diet. A way of eating without calorie restriction, without deprivation and having to be afraid of gaining weight. “Impossible!” I thought. However I started eating high carb low fat and I lost my extra pounds in a matter of months without doing any exercise.

Where it all started..

As a kid I was always very active. I loved doing all kinds of sports and activities. Together with my diet, which wasn’t very bad, I remained a very fit kid until the age of 16. That was when I started getting curvier, my pants got tighter and my abs where disappearing. Also my diet became way worse as I ate a lot more processed foods. I didn’t really mind it. But that changed when somebody mentioned I was getting “fat” and I began to feel very conscious about my body.

Quickly I joined a gym and followed the internet’s advice on how to lose weight. I went on low carb diets, I did diets that made me lose five kilograms in a couple of days, sometimes I just skipped meals. My breakfast would consist out of things like two eggs and one tomato. For lunch I would have a cup of yoghurt with some fruit or muesli and for dinner my go to option was broccoli with chicken. I repeated this for some weeks until I ended up with huge cravings. That is when I carelessly shoved in dozens of cookies, buckets of ice cream and bars of chocolate into my mouth like it was nothing. All devoured at the end of the day, by myself behind my computer screen. I basically starved myself and binged. I would loose a lot of weight, feel “happy”, then gain it all back again and feel like shit.

I just couldn’t wrap my head around it. Why was this so hard? What was I doing wrong? I followed everything these fitness bloggers and experts told me, but I couldn’t help but binge on junkfood at the end of the week. How is it possible these lean and fit people live like this?! Feeling like shit all the time depriving themselves?! Because eating like that made me feel like shit. I had mood swings, got angry for no reason, was sad one time and happy the next. Over and over I tried these diets, but ended up with the same results. Loosing weight, then gaining it all back again and some extra.

Was I undisciplined?
One thing I never really cared about was counting calories. Even for me, crazy about getting slimmer, it was too much of a hassle calculating the exact amounts of calories I was eating. I did wright down everything I ate in a “food journal”. It really worked great for an amount of time, but I couldn’t keep writing everything I ate in my journal for ever. The moment I stopped keeping track of what I ate I felt super undisciplined. I felt like a total failure. Why was all of this so hard? Why couldn’t I just keep the weight off? Was I really undisciplined, a failure, not strong enough and lacking willpower?

Losing weight without realizing

I am a girl who has struggled with acne for a long time. At some point my acne cleared up tremendously. Unfortunately some months later my acne came back again. From that moment on I decided that I would take measures into my own hands. I researched about how to get rid of acne for hours in a day and that resulted in me trying out a plant-based diet. I started eating a lot of vegetables, fruits, starches, grains, beans and legumes. And when I say a lot, I mean really a lot! I swapped out the animal based products for whole plant based vegan foods. I remember having only a bit of Parmesan cheese and a chicken wing the first two weeks. I was feeling pretty good and the best part was that my acne cleared up so much. At some point I decided to go fully vegan with my diet and lifestyle which meant leaving out all the animal products once and for all.

Abs are made in the kitchen
I was so focused on my skin that I didn’t realize what it was doing to my weight and body fat. In about four months I lost eight kilograms! I noticed it when my clothing didn’t start to fit me properly anymore. I was so amazed, because I was barely doing any exercise around that time, yet the weight was flying off. Then I remembered how I used to go to the gym five times a week barely making progress. It really made me understand how important diet is. Whoever said “Abs are made in the kitchen” is absolutely right.

Eating more to loose weight
I started eating more volumes of food, yet loosing weight. How could I eat more, but still be loosing weight? One of the reasons is that the caloric density of plant foods is a lot less compared to animal based foods. One kilogram of spinach equals 260 calories, one kilogram of chicken equals 1580 calories. Majority of the calories in chicken come from fat, so you can understand that eating for example 400 calories from chicken rather than from spinach is going to make you gain weight. Excess fat will be going right to your fat storage. “From your lips to your hips” says Dr. McDougall. That is why I want to make it clear that a calorie is not just a calorie. You should not rely on calories in vs. calories out. Focus on healthy food and eat it abundantly. Try to stay away from foods that are processed or high in fat.

Slowly getting leaner on a high carb low fat vegan lifestyle

It has almost been two years now on a high carb low fat vegan diet. My body fat is slowly melting away and my weight has been super stable. I have no more need for quick fixes to shed the pounds or to look for some magical pill that will make my body fat disappear. I trust that this way of eating will give me the long term results that I want. If you want to burn fat and loose weight I recommend you to try out a high carb low fat vegan diet. You won’t have to restrict your calorie intake, you won’t have to be afraid of gaining all the weight back and you won’t experience server binges and cravings. Going low carb is not a sustainable way of loosing weight as carbohydrates are your primary source of fuel. You need carbohydrates for energy and to feel your best! Don’t you want to feel your best while loosing those extra pounds you are carrying around?

I will be posting before and after pictures on my blog as well. So follow me on bloglovin’ if you don’t want to miss out on that. Or go and like my facebook page, because I will update you there on all my latest blog post as well.

I took measures into my own hands and stopped trying out crazy fad diets online. I developed a sustainable lifestyle that helped me loose excess weight and body fat. I don’t have to restrict my food intake anymore, I don’t have crazy cravings, I feel satisfied and feel energized after each meal and I am never scared of gaining weight. I lost excess, unnecessary weight that I couldn’t get rid off before this lifestyle.

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Well I hope this blog post was informative and showed you how to lose weight in a sustainable way. Please share this with people who you think would benefit from this information and leave your thoughts in the comment section down below. Thank you for reading and hope to see you here soon!

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