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juni 29, 2016

Wanna know where my ancestors hail from?

In the comment section of my YouTube channel I got asked questions about my ethnicity. Where are you from? Where do your parents come from? So I decided to make a Mixed Girl Tag video to let you know a little bit more about my background. You’ll find the video I made at the end of this post, so if you don’t feel like reading go ahead and scroll down to check it out!

Q1: What are you mixed with?

Dutch (The Netherlands) and Dominican Republic.

Q2: What ethnicity have you often been mistaken for?

I have been mistaken for a lot of different kinds of ethnicity, races or backgrounds (whatever you want to call it).  I used to hear Turkish or Moroccan pretty often, but now not at all. I have also heard French, Italian, Spanish, Indonesian and even Jewish. I found the last one to be a bit ridiculous, because being Jewish has not much to do with how you look like. Although the most frequent thing I hear is: “I have no idea where you are from, please tell me.”

Q3: Is your hair curly or straight?


Q4: Was coming from different backgrounds challenging growing up?

I never found it to be challenging.

Q5: Which backgrounds do you embrace the most?

I used to love my Dominican side more. Growing up in The Netherlands made my Dominican side a bit more foreign to me as it was not influencing my life as much. I visited the Dominican Republic a bunch of times and it always left me with a positive feeling. Most of my family lives there and the weather is always nice. Yeah, those were good enough reasons for me to love it more than I did my Dutch side. Of course the people, music and food had a lot to do with it as well.

Later on I came to appreciate my Dutch side more. I noticed how nice it is to live in The Netherlands and how well organized it is here. I don’t like Dutch music though, the weather sucks, but the food can be good at times haha. But yeah, now I really do embrace both sides equally.

Q6: Have you ever been teased for being different?

Not that I remember. I think not about my background. The only thing I can remember was somebody asking me if I came out of the backside of an elephant due to my brown skin. What a question! That happened in elementary school, so can’t really blame the super creative kid who asked me that. He later on apologized because the principal made him do so, haha.

Q7: Have you ever been ashamed of being multiracial?

Never ever! I have never in the slightest way felt bad, ashamed of wrong about being multiracial.

Q8: Do you feel that being a mixed girl has its benefits?

Definitely! Growing up I learned so much about different cultures. I knew what batchata was, I ate stampot (Dutch stew with potatoes, carrots and onions), got to travel to the Dominican Republic a lot, learned to speak Spanish as a second language. I can go on and on about what I have learned, seen and done because I of being a mixed girl.

I also became very open minded about different ways of thinking, skin colors and manners. Nothing was too odd for me, because from a young age I understood that people from all over the world could look different and have different values and habits.

There are also some physical benefits of being the type of mixed girl that I am. For example I like my curly hair, my skin color and my dark features.

Q9: What makes being multiracial a beautiful thing?

Just like I mentioned above, I became a very open minded person and learned how to be less judgmental. Also being able to experience so much diverseness is wonderful. Next to that I find it beautiful how two people coming from different cultures get together and learn new things.

Q10: Any advice to someone who struggles with their multiracial identity?

Be true to yourself. You are a unique human being with just as much potential as any other human being on this planet. You are also so much more than just your racial identity. Think about the things you love and care about. Ask yourself what makes you excited and happy. Try to define yourself with the things you love like your passions in life. That will make you a lot more confident than labeling yourself with what race you are. For example I am Kristel and I love to travel, exercise, create video and photography content and I am super passionate about Veganism. Of course I won’t forget where I am from, but the past or my background does not define me as a person in the present.

Stop thinking about what others might think of you. Stop surrounding yourself with people that give you negative vibes. Surround yourself with the ones that bring you love and peace, share the same values as you and only want to help you become your greatest version of yourself. Nobody got time for people that judge others based on their backgrounds.



Thank you for reading or watching. I hope you enjoyed it and see you next time 🙂

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