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How To Cure Acne Naturally

juni 14, 2016

I have been struggling with acne for a long time and I was desperately looking to find a cure for it. After trying everything I found out about some healthy habits that I incorporated into my life. It was unbelievable how much these habits have helped improve my skin. Now I have no more acne! Curious about what I did? In this post I share with you my natural ways of curing acne for good!

In another blog post I talked about my experience with having acne and how I cleared my skin. In this post I want to go a little bit more into the details of what I did and what worked for me. Keep in mind that what worked for me, might not work for you. But don’t let that stop yourself from at least trying out my easy and natural tips of how to cure acne.

Drink a lot of water


Drinking water is very, very important for overal health. Drinking at least two liters of plain water a day will improve digestion, absorption of nutrients and the creation of saliva. Furthermore it aids kidney function, weight loss and flushes out toxins out of the body.

Flushing out the toxins
Flushing out the toxins of your body is needed, otherwise they could end up on your face in the form of acne. Not only will drinking a lot of water flush toxins, but it will hydrate your skin from within. Acne breakouts and blemishes will clear up and so will fine lines and wrinkles.

Drink plain water throughout the day
Keep in mind that drinking fizzy or sugary drinks, juices or tea is not the same as drinking plain water. A great way to drink more water is start off drinking a couple of glasses first thing in the morning. It gives your body the hydration back it lost during hours of sleep. Try to drink a glass or more of water before every meal and a half hour after every meal. It is also good to carry around a bottle of water everywhere you go so you can just refill and sip on it throughout the day.

Eat whole plant based foods

Assortment of fruits and vegetables

I think eating a whole foods plant based vegan diet made the biggest change in my overal complexion and skin health. After doing excessive amounts of research about food I came to the conclusion that I needed to eliminate the foods out of my diet that weren’t serving me. Those foods included all animal based products like meat (including fish and chicken), dairy and eggs. I also realized that foods like bleached flours, refined sugars, oils and other highly processed foods were effecting my skins health too so I started to eliminate these products as well.

Slowly transitioning
By slowly incorporating more and more plant foods into my diet and avoiding animal products and processed foods my skin cleared up within the first two weeks. The redness in my skin and my cystic acne disappeared. I was amazed! Just by changing the foods that I put into my mouth I changed the way I looked like on the outside. I literally experienced the common saying You are what you eat.

Now my diet is a whole food plant based and high carb low fat vegan diet. It consists out of fruits, vegetables, grains, potatoes, beans, legumes, nuts and seeds. Meaning no more hormones or added hormones, anti-biotics, cholesterol, animal proteins and excess fat.

Eliminate dairy

Traditional milk bottle with a glass full

Switching to a whole foods plant based vegan diet all at once can be intimidating to some. Diving into something you know very little about might not be the solution for everybody and that is pretty understandable. Therefore taking small steps towards a healthier you is a better way to go. But if I could ask you right now to remove one thing out of your daily diet it would be dairy!

Why? Because hormones, inflammation and lactose intolerance
Consuming dairy only provides your body with more calories, fat, animal protein, cholesterol, sodium, pus, chemical contamination and hormones. All things you don’t need and don’t want to have extra amounts of in your body. And by hormones I don’t only mean the injected hormones like zeranol and trenbolone acetate, but also the hormones from the cow itself like stradiol, progesterone, and testosterone.

Furthermore dairy is pro-inflammatory which can be the cause of chronic inflammation problems in people. Proteins like whey and casein are linked to various diseases. For example skin diseases, not only acne but also eczema. Casein has also been linked to food addiction. Pretty understandable why people LOVE cheese!

Dairy is also know to cause major digestive issues in people, because most of the people on this planet are lactose intolerant. Digestive issues coming from dairy can lead to skin problems. Even though you are not lactose intolerant it might be good to try going dairy-free for a while and see what it does to your skin.

Plant based milk alternatives
Instead of milk try plant based alternatives like almond milk, rice milk, oat milk and soy milk. They don’t contain harmful anti-biotics and excess hormones. In my opinion a lot tastier and of course healthier!

Drink vegetable juices


Drinking vegetable juices is a great health habit to incorporate into your daily life. It will provide your body with more nutrients than just eating the veggies. All the extra caretinoids, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals you need for great anti-aging effects, detoxing your body, giving you healthy skin and an amazing energy boost. Some juices might not taste so good, but your taste buds will adjust in a couple of days so no worries.

Great anti-acne juice
A great juice and a favorite of mine is carrot and beet juice. This mixture contains vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium and more nutrients that will help your skin reduce acne and blemishes, renew your skin cells and help cleans the blood and the liver. Aiding these organs to cleanse is important, so they can get rid of toxins and they won’t end up on your face in the form of acne.

Get your lymphatic system pumping


When you have acne along your yaw line, on your chin, cheeks and neck your lymphatic system might need some help. Acne around those areas can be a sign that your lymphatic system is congested with toxic build up and it has trouble getting rid of the waste. The waste might try leaving the body through one of its largest organs, the skin, which will result in acne. It’s not a direct cause, but it can definitely make things worse. Pumping your lymphatic system daily helps the body get rid of toxic build up and it will make a huge difference in the complexion of your skin.

Sweat, breathe and massage
A great way to get your lymphatic fluids flowing is exercise. Start breaking a sweat by moving your body. Run, cycle, dance, lift weights, yoga. Do anything that you find enjoyable so you can raise your heartbeat and start sweating.

Pay attention to your breath. Incorporate some breathing exercises or take a couple of moments throughout your day to become really present and breathe deeper than you normally do.

Daily massages and regular dry brushing are very beneficial as well for draining your lymphatic system. You can find a lot of massage techniques online about how to improve your lymphatic system.

Use natural skin care products


When it comes to skin care products I ask myself questions about the ingredients. Can I eat it? Is it healthy for me? Well, then it might be safe for my skin too. I myself use healthy, fresh, organic, minimally processed ingredients on my skin which I can eat too.

Harmful chemicals
Unfortunately most of the skin care products we use contain harmful ingredients. Ingredients that will get absorbed through the skin, into your bloodstream and can get stored in the body for months or maybe even years before getting properly eliminated. Therefore it is best to use skin care products with ingredients that are derived from natural plant sources without any harmful chemicals. This will provide the best care for maintaining healthy glowing skin.

Minimally processed products
You want to use skin care products that undergo minimal processing and come from organic plants. In this way the nutritional profile of the ingredients endure less alteration. Therefore having more beneficial effects for your skin.

Reading the ingredient lists
Finding such product will involve a lot of label reading. In that proces you will become more familiar with the ingredients labeled. It might take more time, but it is a fair price to pay when choosing the best skin products that are most beneficial for your skins health.

Also stick to products that define their main uses with as minimal ingredients as possible. When you have an excessively long ingredient list it usually means that the product contains minimal amounts of each ingredient. The ingredients might have beneficial properties, but if the products contains small amounts of those ingredients they won’t work as well. Really try to educate yourself on how skin care products are made and what they do for your skin.

Product shelf life
Considering the shelf life of a product can say a lot about how natural the ingredients are. Products with a long shelf life may contain artificial ingredients in them that can lead to skin problems. It is best to buy products that you will use within a few months.

Multi functional products
I use coconut oil in my daily skin care routine. I use it on my skin, as a hair moisturizer, on my lips, as a make up remover, as a hair mask and more. It is such a multi-functional product which in the end also minimizes waste and saves you a lot of money. Always try out the products you consider buying, because even plant derived ingredients can cause irritations on the skin.

Avoid oil


Ever thought of how oil floats on top of water. The two don’t mix together. Eating a lot of oil might create the same effect in your body knowing that it consist over 70% of water. The oil will float to the top and try to release itself through your face as acne, the top of your head which gives you oily hair and as back acne. You never have acne on your feet, right?

Is olive oil a health food?
Olive oil has been promoted as a health food. People add it over their salads and pastas, use it to cook their meals with. But in fact olive oil is nothing more than pure fat! It is the fat extracted out of an olive and it contains no other nutrients than maybe some omega 6. Omega-6s are pro-inflammatory, they cause inflammations in the body which in effect can cause acne. As somebody struggling with acne you want to have more omega-3s in your diet which are anti-inflammatory. Foods that contain omega-3s are:

  • linseed
  • walnuts
  • chia seeds
  • tofu
  • cauliflower
  • brocolli

Cut out refined oils
Just a little bit of oil can cause the skin to clog pores, feed bacteria, and cause acne in people with acne prone skin. When being prone to acne it is best  follow a low fat diet and cut out all refined oils. Go for healthy whole plant based fats like avocado or nuts instead.

Cooking without oils
Cooking without oil is also easier than you think. Instead of oil try using water, avocado or even bananas. Find out more about how to cook without oil HERE.

Be hygienic


Keeping your skin clean and dirt free is key when it comes to acne prevention. Here are a couple of easy tips that can help you become more hygienic and prevent acne.

Tip 1# Clean your face twice a day: This might sound very obvious, but cleaning your face daily helps prevent bacteria on your face from causing acne. Ideally wash your face twice a day, once in the morning and once before going to bed with clean hands and water. Don’t over wash your face, because your skin can get irritated or dry.

Tip 2# Use a mild face wash: If you are using a face wash go for a mild one without alcohol. Alcohol can cause blemishes and irritations. Especially on sensitive skin. When applying a mild face wash use gentle circular motions on your skin. You don’t have to rub your face too hard to make it clean. Rinse your face with some lukewarm water. Then dab dry with a clean towel.

Tip 3# Change your bed sheets regularly: Dirt, sweat, dust and other bed bugs in between your sheets can cause your skin to break out. Change your bed sheets at least once a week and pillowcases more than once a week to prevent your skin from breaking out.

Tip 4# Wash yourself after sweating: After a workout or breaking a sweat make sure to wash yourself. Otherwise pores get clogged easier and breakouts might follow.

Tip 5# Stop touching your face: Avoid touching your face as much as possible. If you really want to touch your face, do it with clean hands. And whatever you do don’t pop pimples! It leaves you with blemishes and painful red spots. It can even lead to more breakouts due to spreading the bacteria from the pimple over other areas on your face.

Sleep more


We live in a stressful world where we have little time to unwind and relax. Unfortunately stress plays a role in skin health and the more stressed you are the more likely it is to have breakouts.

Sleeping enough reduces stress and calms you down. It energizes, cleanses and heals the body. When your body has time to heal itself it will also have time to heal acne and blemishes. So try to get as much rest as possible. Skip those late nights behind your computer surfing the internet and to go to bed early. The less you stress the more your skin will start glowing.

Practice self love


It can be tough having a face covered in acne. It becomes hard looking at yourself in mirror. Bad thoughts rush through your head and make you feel even worse about yourself. Every time you create these bad thoughts and repeat them in your head you will start to believe them. It becomes a continuous negative downwards spiraling cycle.

But you know, acne is a temporary thing. The acne on your face does not define who you are. You have acne on your face, you are more than somebody with acne.

The mirror can be deceiving as you might only look at the pimples on your face and forget about all the positive things about yourself. Next time you look in the mirror take a moment and compliment your lovely smile, your beautiful eyes, those cute dimples you have in your cheeks. Put your focus on more positive things. Say things like “I love you!” and “You are worth it!” to yourself. It might feel awkward at first, but that is just because you are not used to think that. The more positive things you say to yourself, the more you will start to believe them. Just like you did with the negative thoughts. Overtime it becomes a habit.

Find a purpose
Maybe stop looking into mirror and focus on your amazing hobbies and the things you love to do. Get a purpose in life that is bigger than just judging your appearance. When you have a purpose in your life you start realizing that how you look like is not important. Acne shouldn’t be the main issue in your life. There are bigger problems than that.


These were ways how to get rid of your acne naturally. Try to be consistent with it, have patience and don’t cheat yourself. There is no need in buying tons of expensive products to try to get rid of acne. Now I am not saying these are the only ways of getting rid of acne, but they worked for me and also might work for others. I am just sharing my experience and would love to help others cure and heal their skin.

I hope this benefited you.

Do you have any tip to get rid of acne naturally? Share them!





A lot of this is from my own experience!




How We Cured Cystic Acne With One Simple Diet Change

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  • Reply Drew Jackson mei 16, 2017 at 1:49 am

    Nice post. Glad you found a set of lifestyle changes that worked for you. Acne was the most depressing thing in my life! I was on accutane twice, which pretty much took care of it, but i still have some mild scarring. My only regret was not getting on accutane earlier. Now I use 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide to keep my face totally clear. I know you’re probably against the whole chemicals thing, but it worked for me.

    • Reply Kasumikriss mei 16, 2017 at 1:33 pm

      I can totally agree with you. It was very depressing for me too. Oh, interesting I used accutane too. I will have a video and blog post up about it soon with my experience. Unfortunately after 6 months off accutane my acne came back :(. Yeah I rather use natural things, they seem to work very good for me. Thank you so much for you comment Drew! I appreciate you sharing your experience here!

    Leave me a comment!