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Photo Diary 19 | Gare Du Nord Festival Rotterdam

juni 7, 2016


On the 14th, 15th and 16th of May a restaurant called Gare Du Nord in Rotterdam organized a vegan festival. There were foodtrucks, cooking demonstrations, public speakers and a lot more. I found out about this festival on facebook and was super excited to spend a couple of hours eating all the vegan food. So I did, together with a some friends.

Vegan Christmas Market
The festival was organized on the same spot as the vegan Christmas market was in the beginning of this year. Check out this video for an impression of the vegan Christmas market.

No worries, everything is vegan!

We arrived at the Gare Du Nord Festival in the afternoon. It wasn’t very busy yet. The first thing we did was strolling through the Fair Trade market. I saw vendors selling all kinds of products from delicious vegan cupcakes to organic wooden toothbrushes. It was so amazing to see all these vegan products at one place, because as a consumer I didn’t have to worry about accidentally buying non-ethical or non-vegan products. Same applied for the foodtrucks outside. Every foodtruck sold tasty vegan plant based food!

Eating all the food

The very first thing I bought was a gevulde koek. Translated in to English gevulde koek is stuffed biscuit. It is stuffed with fatty almond spice. A very calorie rich and sweet cookie usually made with eggs and butter, but at the festival available as a completely vegan cookie. Of course I had to try it. Although the cookie was very dry compared to what I remember a gevulde koek’s texture felt like, it still tasted pretty good. At the same stand where I bought my first bite of food I got a free Rice drink, mokka flavored. It didn’t contain caffeine nor coffee beans which was pretty interesting to me.

When I was finished nibbling on my gevulde koek Guillaume and Tatsuya got themselves an amazing looking sandwich from the Seitan Chefs. I didn’t taste it, but it looked SO GOOD! Instead of a seitan sandwich I went for a roti dish. The down side of the meal was that I got a really small amount of food for the price I paid.. Five euros for a very small plate of food.

Luckily the food that came next was totally worth my money. We shared a sushi roll filled with very fresh vegetables and vegan pork meat. I loved it and I am very inspired to create something like that at home for myself one day. The same stand that sold these sushi rolls also sold very colorful manga art about veganism. You can find out more about them by looking up the name Vegventures.

Not long after devouring the gevulde koek, roti and the sushi roll I got some organic french fries with vegan mayonaise and a vegan croquette. The french fries were absolutely amazing! So fresh and tasty, but I couldn’t say the same for the croquette. Not that it wasn’t fresh, but maybe it’s because I never used to be a fan of croquettes in the first place, haha.

I didn’t stop eating there. Oh, no. I kept on going. Vegan foodtrucks are rare, I needed to take advantage and empty my pockets that midday so I could end up in a vegan food coma afterwards. My next dish was the most fatty vegan burger ever and some vegan chicken sate drenched in spicy peanut sauce. I ate the whole burger filled with sauce, mushrooms and more, but I couldn’t finish the sate. I didn’t really like it hehe. So I gave it away to Guillaume and Marc.

At the end of the day I munched on a huge chocolate cake. When I say huge, I mean HUGE! I didn’t took a picture of it unfortunately. As much as I wanted to eat the whole cake, I literally could not. It was so rich and thick that I just couldn’t force it down. I crave it when I think back, because it was super good! Finally I bought a small chocolate bar for at home to share after dinner with a cup of tea.

But wow, what a day of eating. I ate so much. It was really fatty, which I generally do not prefer, but I don’t eat like this all the time. The Gare Du Nord Festival was great and I bet it is not only great for vegans. Because there were so many non vegans enjoying every single bite of their foods and the atmosphere.

I would love to see more vegan festivals popping up in The Netherlands or other festivals providing more vegan options. It makes me feel so at ease to walk around at a festival where I can just buy food at every stand, not worrying if it is vegan or not. I had a blast :).

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