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Photo Diary 18 | Thai mangoes and sleepover!

mei 31, 2016






Amazing start of the day

The 26th of May, a bright and sunny Thursday, started off so good! I had a job interview in the afternoon which went pretty well judging by the fact they hired me on the spot. With those good vibes I continued my day and headed straight into the shopping center to get myself some cruelty free make up. I threw out all my old make up and skin care. Still got some things left here and there, but now my make up and skin care collection is about 98% vegan. Super nice. I got a foundation, which I predominantly bought for Cosplay (getting back into that this year :D). I also got a hair mask, a brush and a couple of free gifts. Everything I bought was 50% off. My day couldn’t get any better, but fun to say IT DID!

Vegan Broodje Pom and Barini

I met up with Yana, maybe you might remember her from this post. She and I planned a sleep over at my place together with some other entertaining activities. After walking around in the shopping center for a bit we went to a snackbar/cafe/restaurant thingy to eat some lunch. It has a wide variety of vegan options. Both of us indulged in a Broodje Pom and a Barini. Broodje Pom was made of a Surinamese vegetable, super tasty and lightly spiced. You can see on the selfie we took our mouths were too full of Broodje Pom to give a bigger smile, haha. The Barini is similar to a Bara, but grilled not fried and that means less fat which is always good. And oh yeah, the owner was SO friendly! He is even thinking about changing is whole menu vegan.

Mukbang dinner time!

When we were done eating we dropped some stuff at my place and decided on what to eat for dinner that night. I made sure everything we needed was on the shoppinglist so we could go to the supermarket without forgetting something. Funny thing was that I forgot the shoppinglist at home. Luckily we managed to buy everything that was needed for dinner and breakfast the next morning. So what was on the menu that night? A juicy Thai mango, lots of rice, beans, veggies and wraps! We ate so much. If you want to see us eating dinner, I filmed it for a Mukbang on my youtube channel. The rest of the night was super chill. Talking, instagram, youtube and fixing our hair. Hahaha.

See here part one

And here part two

The morning after run

Yana was already up at 8 o’clock, wide awake on the couch were she slept on the last night. Unknowingly I walked by her through the living room, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes in search of my own toilet. After my relieving toilet visit I walked back into the living room and joined her on the couch with a warm blanket to start our morning. I filled up my cup with water and started hydrating myself. At some point Yana kindly enough prepared our breakfast of oranges. Next to that we had our sweet smoothies we bought the day before.

I thought that it would be a nice idea to go for a walk after breakfast, but Yana came up with a better one. “Let’s go for a run!” she said, and I was like “Best idea everrrrr!”. The thing was that she didn’t have workout clothes with her. Also no running shoes. I dived into my closet and got her some gear. Unfortunately I only had one pair of running shoes so she had to run on her normal shoes which at the end wasn’t the best idea, because she got a nasty blister.

Other than that the run was super nice, in the morning, through a lovely park with birds everywhere. Also insects, those weren’t so lovely. After 7,4 km (check it out on my STRAVA account) we had enough and headed back home to prepare ourselves for the rest of the day. A little stretch here, a little shower there and Yana was on her way home again. Thank you so much for the pleasant time.

Check out Yana her youtube channel and instagram.

I really enjoyed these days and wanted to have it documented in my photo diary series. πŸ™‚

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  • Reply Yana juni 1, 2016 at 11:14 am

    Yessss I had so much fun!! Thanks for having me!!

  • Reply Sambhav Jain juli 19, 2017 at 1:25 pm

    The Mangoes looks like Wrapped Baby’s !

    • Reply Kasumikriss augustus 6, 2017 at 2:14 pm

      Hahaha that is a funny comment! They are delicious

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