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Benefits of being vegan

april 7, 2016

Excluding meat, dairy and eggs from my diet brought me so many benefits. Check out this post if you want to know what benefits I experienced by going vegan!

At the end of October 2014 I made the decision to become vegan. Before I made the decision I researched about the diet and lifestyle for several months. At some point I came to the conclusion that I didn’t want to contribute to the suffering of living beings or the destruction of the environment any longer. I took measures into own hands.

It became one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life so far and loads of benefits resulted from it. I haven’t experienced any negative sides to being a vegan. Although one thing that bugs me is seeing the loved ones around me consuming “foods” which are proven to be harmful to the planet, animals and their own health. Other than that some people comment on my lifestyle saying I can’t be healthy without eating meat or that plants have feelings too. Gladly stuff like that never gets to me. Rather than getting frustrated I’d help those people become less ignorant by education them, haha.

Anyhow, I’ll be sharing some of the benefits I have encountered along my vegan journey.

My energy levels went through the roof!

Within the first two weeks my energy levels skyrocketed. I stopped eating animal products and incorporated way more fruits and veggies into my diet. Mornings are like never before. Getting up is no problem as I wake up feeling good and ready to start my day. I have more energy to get things done throughout the day. I have more energy to do what I love and live life with purpose. All because I eat enough of the right kinds of food and eliminate what is not serving me.

My mood got better

Happy at first, followed by anger, but moments later you feel like crying because you are so sad. Mood swings. I thought it was normal when growing up. Just part of becoming a woman they say. Unstable emotions which you just got to deal with.

Well, after adopting a plant based diet I’m generally always in a good mood! And when I say generally, I mean 99.9 procent of the time. No longer am I letting my emotions get the best of me.

I do believe that the chemical reactions in the body and head have a lot to do with how you feel. So once I started giving my body the right nutrients, my body chemistry optimized. I feel great and I am happy. Now I rarely base my decision on my emotions and think in a more rational and objective way, which prevents me from getting into bad situations as well. Win!

I lost a lot of excess weight

Ever since I can remember I wanted to lose those unnecessary pounds I was carrying around. Through calorie restriction, crazy diets, a lot of exercise or sometimes not eating at all I managed to loose weight. Unfortunately I would gain it all back again and even more!

I depleted myself from the calories my body needed to function properly, so no wonder I binged at night and in the weekends. My body wanted calories to make up for the calorie deficit I created. I craved calories from dense calorie sources like cookies, chocolate, cakes, chips and stuff like that. This was not a sustainable way to lose weight.

I love food you know, and I like to eat a lot. So when I became a high carb low fat vegan my dream finally came true. Now I can eat as much as I want and not worry about gaining weight. I never feel the need to restrict my food in take anymore. In fact I lost almost eight kilograms and feel lighter and tighter than ever.

I’m a lot healthier

At first health was my main priority to become vegan. I’ve seen people talk about reversing or even curing all kinds of health problems like astma, eczema, acne, diabetes, hair loss, arthritis and more. If they could heal their bodies, why couldn’t I do the same? I wanted to get rid of my acne. I was fully confident that going vegan, especially high carb low fat vegan would be the way for me.

The acne on my face almost magically cleared up within the first two weeks! I was ecstatic. I was getting rid of my acne, loosing weight, feeling happier and more energized. Besides that my stamina improved for exercising. I run more, further and faster. I gain muscle easier, I am getting leaner. I want to go out there and move my body! The combination of all these results made me feel so much more healthier.

I also had a blood test done which showed everything was perfectly fine, except for my vitamin D levels. The Netherlands is far away from the equator so it is actually pretty mandatory to supplement on it as we don’t have a lot of sunshine over here. I finally understood that in order to look good on the outside, you need to take care of the inside.

My hair, nails and skin improved

As I already mentioned before my skin cleared up. Now one and a half year later you can’t even tell that I suffered from extreme acne. My face isn’t squeaky clean, but it is so much better than before. Occasionally I get some spots, but then I know that I need to drink more water, sleep more, relax or get my lymphatic system pumping. However I never have big breakouts or cysts on my face anymore. Also the skin all over my body has become firmer and softer than before. I love it!

Next to my skin my nails got stronger and grow faster. For my hair I have seen improvements, but not drastically yet. The texture definitely improved. I don’t need to use hair products anymore to give it a nice look.

I have more knowledge and compassion

Researching about a vegan lifestyle made me learn about the world and the industries governing it. It made me learn where our food comes from, why people are going hungry, what is causing the destruction of our environment and about why people are fatter and sicker than ever. Becoming aware has opened up my eyes. Now that I see what is going on in this world, I can’t turn a blind eye. I can’t contribute to destruction, torture, rape and murder. I have made the decision to no longer cause suffering to others. With the knowledge I have, still eager to educate myself on the things I do not know, I am doing what I can to not hurt living beings and to help the planet. I have come to love life so much more and appreciate every little thing immensely. We all share this planet together. Why not look out for one another?

I live a more minimalistic lifestyle

Not only my food intake has become simpler, but also my life in general. Since I went vegan I started to get rid of stuff I didn’t need anymore. Until today I’m still trying to lessen my belongings by selling, giving away or throwing them out. Belongings like clothing, shoes, books, jewelry, make up and more.

I spend most of my income on food. Just groceries and eating out sometimes. The rest of my money goes to paying rent, bills and fun activities. I do not enjoy shopping anymore as I see as a waste of time and money. I prioritize on saving up money for necessities.

It is amazing to live life without clutter. The more stuff I get rid off, the better it makes me feel. It helps me with mental clarity and saves up room in my house.

I eat as much as I want!

After creating the habit of restricting and binging for most of my teenage life it feels so liberating not having to think about food all the time. When I was bored or sad, food would be on my mind. Food, food, food for 24/7. I blamed emotional eating, but there is no such thing as emotional eating. Hunger is a thing! Your body wants food! Depleting yourself from calories and nutrition will cause you to crave and think about food non stop.

On a high carb low fat vegan diet I never constantly think about food, or plan what I’m going to eat or plan how much I will eat. I just eat as much as I want until I feel satisfied. When I feel like eating, I will. I listen to the signs that my body is giving me and respond to them.


By going vegan I have bettered my life in so many ways. It is as if I was living in a cloud all of my life. My view was blurred and breathing was difficult. But once that cloud lifted off of me I started to see clear and was able to breath again. My health and mood improved and I never obsess about food anymore. A plant based diet provides me with everything I need. I see the importance of being vegan for ethical and environmental reasons as well. Nothing will ever make me go back to eating the way I did before. I am only trying to find ways to improve my life and those of others. I am happy that I found out about this lifestyle and was open minded enough to give it a shot.


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