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Photo Diary 17| Groningen City

april 1, 2016


On a Tuesday morning Tatsuya and me got on the train towards Groningen. For almost three hours we traveled through landscapes that were foreign to our eyes. I have never been to Groningen and neither did Tatsuya. Little did I know about Groningen. I knew it was far away from my hometown, there is an university and that was basically it, haha. Not really much has changed since visiting. I got a kind of weird impression from the city which leaves me feeling like I want to go again and spend some more time. I definitely will plan on spending a weekend in Groningen, just to get to know the city a bit more.

A vegan restaurant and a vegan friendly cafe, both in the same street! <3

Once Tatsuya and me arrived at the station he bought a Clifbar and a bottle of water at the Albertheijn To Go. It wasn’t a random fun day for us both visiting the city. He was there for some work related stuff, so I just tagged along and took the opportunity to explore the city center of Groningen.


I noticed that the houses were slightly different from what I’m used to seeing in South-Holland. A bit smaller and wider, some had bright colors. I also saw some buildings that had colorful shapes and structures which looked very out of context compared to buildings next to it. It gave the city a very enjoyable and foreign feel.


I took a short break at a library and checked google maps for grocery stores and cafes. I wanted to get some lunch without spending too much money at a restaurant. Again, Albertheijn it was. But not just an Albertheijn, it was an Albertheijn that looked like some kind of palace with a super high purple ceiling. I couldn’t resist and snapped a quick picture of it. Never seen a grocery store like this, haha. On my way out I had my backpack filled with two mango smoothies, carrots, two bread buns and hummus dip.


I spend a couple of hours in a cafe working on my blog, reading and replying to e-mail and checking some youtube. I had a Chai soy latte to sip on. Sometimes I was staring out the window and contemplating the weather. The sky was so grey with occasional periods of rain and a frisky wind that blew several bikes over. The Dutch weather would be one of my main reasons to leave this country. Other than that it is pretty alright here.


Even though I was in the middle of a shopping center I only went into a store once. The store looked fascinating, as if most of the stuff they sold was hand made by mystical elves. Lamps, shelves, paintings, candle holders in all kinds of colors and shapes.

After walking for hours through the streets I felt like heading back to the station to wait for Tatsuya to come back from his work duty. I walked through a very cute street filled with a lot of gift shops, art and small restaurants. Actually this street became the most memorable thing I saw in Groningen, haha.


I am for sure coming back to Groningen during the summer time. I bet I can make some nicer pictures with blue skies and sunlight. I would love to visit some parks and nature areas, maybe some other cities that are nearby. Even though the weather wasn’t nice and I spend the day by myself I had fun.

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