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Photo Diary 15 | Dutch weed bagels & Chai tea

februari 22, 2016


Lately I’m having more time to blog again. It makes me really excited, because it is something I really love doing. I actually chose to make more time for it. Even though people say they are busy and stuff, it eventually comes down to where your priorities lie. I just want to do more of what I love doing :).

Bagels & Beans
These pictures are from the 11th of November 2015. I remember it was a rainy day. My boyfriend and me wanted to study in Delft. He is currently working, but still eager to learn more. The plan was to go to CoffeeCompany in Delft where they have decent working spaces and a good atmosphere. We arrived pretty early in Delft and we didn’t eat lunch yet. So we decided to eat lunch at Bagels & Beans first. Both Bagels & Beans and CoffeeCompany are situated in the city center of Delft which was pretty convenient.

Like two wet puppy dogs we entered the Bagels & Beans and took a seat. A waiter came and asked if we wanted anything while we were warming up. After taking a good look at their menu I found out that they served the Dutch Weed Burger. Better said, the Dutch Weed Bagel! It is 100% plant-based and cruelty free. I was excited, because I ate a Dutch Weed Burger before at Burgerz in The Hague and it was amazing!

The Dutch Weed Bagels was a different experience though. The burger itself was pretty cold and overall it was less flavorful. Might that be because they use other ingredients on top of the burger here than in Burgerz? Nevertheless it was still a worthy lunch and pretty filling as well.

Study Session
When we left Bagels & Beans it was still raining outside, but not enough to care about. Within a minute we were checking out the menu at CoffeeCompany. Tatsuya had a coffee and I went for a Chai tea with soy milk. As an extra we shared a piece of dark chocolate while studying. The music was pretty loud in there. Usually loud music with lyrics bothers me when I’m studying, but that day it didn’t seem to bother me at all. Awesomesauce~

Anyways, I had a relaxed and pleasant day. I’m happy that I found out Bagels & Beans is serving the Dutch Weed Burger. It is definitely a must try! But yeah, that was my post for today. Thank you for reading!

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