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Cities in Holland| Delft

november 20, 2015

Delft is an old town with a rich history. I’m fortunate enough to live close to Delft, so I can visit it pretty often. In this blog post I will show you the city center and tell you some interesting facts about it.

Tatsuya’s parents came to visit The Netherlands for the first time this year. We went sight seeing through the country to show them around. We had only a bit more than a week to do that, so we made the best of it. The first city on our list was Delft. They heard about Delfts Blauw, the architecture and the canals and were excited to see it.

SONY DSC The picture above is made by Tatsuya’s dad.
IMGP6607 (2)

After arriving at the train station of Delft we walked towards the city center. Delft station was recently rebuild. Its design is intriguing. On the inside the ceiling is decorated with an old map of the city of Delft from the year 1876. You can only see it from a certain type of angle, because of its lamellae structure. The little light bulbs that are added make it kind of magical. It is a huge improvement from the old station. If you are into modern, minimal kind of designs that is. When comparing the station to the rest of the city it looks like something out of the future. All the other buildings in the city center are really old.


The weather throughout their stay was amazing! The sun was shining the entire time and the temperate was perfect. Even though I’ve visited Delft a lot, going there as a “tourist” made it somehow more special. I was ready to snap some pictures, explore the town and learn a bit more about the history behind Delft.


The first place we had a look at was the Nieuwe Kerk. The construction of this church dates back to around the early 1400’s. It took a while to finish it, because of the iconoclasm, a huge city fire and other kinds of interruptions. Finally in the year 1655 it had been completed. We decided to not take a look inside and headed for the Oude Kerk instead. Along my way I snapped some pictures of the colorful sights.


I noticed the city was decorated with a lot of flowers. The colors made the city so vivid and beautiful.


For lunch we found a nice terrace. It was perfect for a little break before exploring the rest. I had pasta with a bit too much oil, haha. I asked them if I could have it without oil, but it was already a dish prepared in beforehand. Nevertheless I enjoyed it.


Yeah, I prefer my food without oil for several reasons. I think in most restaurants it is possible to ask your food without oil. Definitely for salads :).


Before going to the Oude Kerk we checked out some Delfts Blauw and other Dutch goods. I’m not sure whether some of these blue and white sculptures were made in China or not, haha. Now I think about it, Wikipedia mentions that Delfts Blauw was a cheap copy of Chinese porcelain in the 16th century. Pretty ironic how now a lot of Delfts Blauw souvenirs are made in China.


Most people when visiting The Netherlands want to get stroopwafels, dutch cheese and other typical dutch snacks. Delft has a lot of it! They also make fresh stroopwafels out on the streets.

Nieuwe Kerk
Oude Kerk

One thing I never did, or remember myself doing is going up the Oude Kerk in Delft. For a decent €3,75 you can go up the tower of the church. There is also the option of visiting the area where the kings, queens and other important people lay buried in the church for the same amount of money. If you want to visit both you get a discount.

If you ever roam around the streets of Delft I recommend you to visit the Oude Kerk. They started building the church in between the years 1050-1246 and from there on it was an ongoing process of expansions and rebuilding. Also the Oude Kerk got damaged by the huge city fire that occurred in Delft.


In front of the Oude Kerk there is a statue of Hugo de Groot. I couldn’t help but snap a picture of him when he had a seagull chilling on his head.


We walked all the way up the tower through small and dark pathways. People kept coming down the stairs so we needed to find clever ways not to get squashed when walking past them. It was truly a memorable adventure, haha. And quite a workout. Finally when we reached the first place where we could have a look over the city I was astonished.


The view was magical. All those little orange rooftops and cute trees sticking out in between them was candy to my eyes. Only far, far away you can see some modern types of flats, but no super modern structures were to be seen up close. We could walk up more stairs for an even better view. I noticed the stairways were getting really steep. Make sure to put on some comfortable shoes when you go!


A fun thing I noticed was that a wedding was taking place at the city hall just across the Oude Kerk. If you look closely into the first picture above here you can see people lining up in front of the city hall. Isn’t it a beautiful city hall by the way? Another fun, but a bit scary thing that I haven’t mentioned yet is that the tower which I was climbing actually is a little crooked. The church is build on top of a canal, which is not the most stable foundation to build a huge church on. Either way they managed to keep it from falling. From a good distance you can see a slight bend in the tower of the church.


Finally after a few minutes we set feet on the ground again. The way back down was less tiring. I definitely might visit it some more. We continued walking towards other areas of the city center and sat down at a lovely cafe for some refreshments. I’ve been to this cafe before, you can see some pictures of it here.


On our way back to the station we saw some cute street musicians playing some classical tunes. I thought is was adorable. They were pretty good as well! Yeah, Delft was for sure a worthy place to show.

I will be having more blog post up about Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam and more. Thank you for checking out my post!

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