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What I Ate Today & Thigh gaps | HCLF VEGAN

oktober 26, 2015

Not only am I showing you what I ate this day, but I explain my thoughts on thigh gaps. Uhu, that space in between your legs, when your thighs aren’t touching.


  • Orange juice – 8 big oranges
  • 8 dates
  • Smoothie bowl – 7/8 bananas, water, chia seeds, coconut flakes,
  • 2 pieces of whole wheat bread with blueberry jam.
  • Dinner: Corn wraps with chickpeas, scallions, celery, corn. broccoli. A salad consisting tomatoes and watercress. One piece of whole wheat bread.

The total amount of calories I ate that day were approximately 2500. That shows that you shouldn’t be afraid of calories. Calories won’t make you fat! Rather be aware of the source of your calories. Fruits and vegetables are always the healthiest source.

I really enjoyed my dinner. There were so many flavors which combined incredibly good with the corn wraps. Unfortunately the corn wraps consisted of a lot of sodium. I will be in search of low sodium wraps from now on. If you want to see how each meal looks like I advice you to check out my video down below.


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