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oktober 18, 2015

Autumn is at our doorstep again. We wave the summer goodbye, which we Dutchies unfortunately enjoy for a brief moment. Oh well, we are pretty used to it. Now autumn brings us colder temperatures, so instead of starting my day with a bunch of fruits, I more often start it with a warm bowl of oatmeal.

Oatmeal keeps you full for long, is nutritious and healthy. Especially when you prepare it dairy free :). I wanted to share some of my creations with you guys. It might inspire you to make some for yourself as well. I will explain at each picture what I used to make my oats.

For every bowl of oatmeal that I make I heat up a few cups of water, often combined with rice milk. You can also use oat milk, coconut milk, almond milk or soy milk. Whatever you prefer.

Blueberry Paradise
First bowl and it already might seem overwhelming. But no worries I promise non of these are hard to make. While heating up water/non-dairy milk you can already start preparing the toppings. First I washed the blue berries and strawberries, then I cut six strawberries in half and decorated the side of the bowl with it, pointy part facing upwards. I made a couple of horizontal rows with blueberries and filled up the spaces in between with coconut flakes, chia seeds and blueberry jam. Easy peasy. Looks appetizing right?

Abstract Chaos
Adding strawberries in this way definitely makes the bowl a whole lot more “professional”. Next to strawberries and blueberries I added some medjool dates that I have soaked in water for a while on beforehand. On the other side of the bowl I placed a couple of crunchy grapes. Grapes in your oatmeal is for sure a must try! I finished the bowl off with coconut flakes and chia seeds.

Hidden Banana
Sorry for the stupid names I am giving my bowls of oatmeal. Creativity is not at its peak right now, hehehe. Anyhow, this might be the most simple bowl of oatmeal out of the bunch. While heating up the water/rice milk I added a mushed up banana. This is the best natural sweetener ever! I swear this makes a big difference in taste and you don’t have to add any sugar. When the banana is completely mixed up, then you can add the oats into the mix. For a thicker consistency throw in some extra oats. This bowl I topped off with literally three strawberries, coconut flakes and chia seeds.

Autumn Oats

Best bowl of oatmeal I ever made! Doesn’t it look like fall? Those warm, brown colors look so nice. And tasty. As you can see there are some cornflakes on top of the oatmeal. I added some blueberries, almonds, macadamias and dark chocolate. It is a bit more salty than sweet. To make it even more saltier there is the option to add peanut butter :).

Silly Circus Oats

I’ve gone a little overboard with the toppings on this one. Threw on everything I could find. Grapes and blueberries decorate the the side of the bowl and a little into the middle I added some left over frozen berries. Not much, because those were the only frozen berries left. I sprinkled on chia seeds and coconut flakes. Both contain some amount of healthy fats. That greenish powder is moringa.

Apple n Oats
A simple, but oh so good bowl of oatmeal is one completely covered in apples! Add as much cinnamon as you like for that apple pie taste. Super refreshing, healthy bowl of morning oats.


I remember that I really enjoyed this one. I made my oats extra liquid by not adding to much oats into my rice milk. I used blueberries and grapes as my fruit topping and cornflakes for that awesome crunchiness. A few macadamia nuts, a tad of coconut flakes and a bit of chia seeds finished this sweet bowl of oats. And it was sweet indeed, because I added a whole lot of sugar.

Maple Syrup Heaven

Oh, yeaaaah! Maple syrup! I drenched my whole bowl of oatmeal with it. How awesome are natural sweeteners? Super awesome.. Maple syrup tastes sooo good. It is definitely a favorite of mine. Next to the maple syrup there are only chia seeds and coconut flakes as topping.

Berry Banana Bliss

Bananas are a great way to sweeten up your oats as I mentioned before. Make sure that your bananas are fully ripened before you add them. It makes your oats extra sweet. I heated the rice milk together with a couple of gooey dates and sprinkled a bit of coconut flakes on top as well. The bowl wouldn’t be complete with some yummy berries.


Next to berries, bananas and grapes you can add any type of fruit you want to your oatmeal. Here I added a nectarine which I never tried before. I very much approve of this combo so don’t be afraid to try it out. That jelly looking like stuff on the left of it is blueberry jam and on the right I added a sliced banana. At last I poured a spoon full of chia seeds on it and a tad of moringa powder.

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