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Photo Diary 14 | Thai Food Date

september 30, 2015


Thai food is definitely my favorite. I can’t get enough of the coconut milk and spices. Usually my boyfriend and me order Thai food once a month or even less than that. I tried cooking it myself, but my skills need polishing. Anyhow we decided to eat out in the restaurant we order from and it was amazing!

It was the most loveliest looking restaurant with so many detailed decorations. The tables are decorated with all kinds of brown and white rice, beautiful flowers were displayed in front of the windows and everything was basically made out of bamboo and wood. Next time I visit the restaurant I will take some pictures of the restaurant itself.

After a glass of cold water we both decided to get a small soup as a starter. I had a creamy one and Tatsuya a spicy/sour one which both tasted very good. So good that Tatsuya tried to recreate it at home and came out almost as nice haha. Our main dishes contained a lot of tofu, roseval potatoes and mushrooms. We ate everything accompanied with some white rice. It was incredibly filling.

When you are vegan it is good to always ask your food without fish sauce and if the broth of the soup isn’t based on any animal :). It is great that Thai restaurants have a lot of vegetarian options, but always make sure beforehand if it is possible to get a complete vegan meal.

Afterwards we went for a drink and had some interesting conversations along with other interesting people. Unfortunately Tatsuya only had eyes for someone else that night T_T. HEHE.

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