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Photo Diary 13 | Healthy food at SPIRIT

augustus 28, 2015


I discovered my new favorite restaurant. A restaurant called SPIRIT, not far away from the station Blaak in Rotterdam. What a coincidence that my favorite city of The Netherlands also has my favorite restaurant. I never heard of SPIRIT until I searched for a vegan friendly place to dine with friends in Rotterdam. When I clicked on the link to their website I was right away intrigued.


The restaurant is 100% vegetarian and 100% organic. Truly amazing! No meat to be found in their kitchens. All of their ingredients are consciously picked out to make the most delicious meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Everything is served as a walking buffet, so you can eat as much as you want. I’m definitely going to make a separate post about this place with more details, because it deserves it. For now I will just continue on about how my day was, hehe.


So I met up with a group of girls who came from abroad to The Netherlands. We chitchatted about the differences between our countries and a whole lot more. It was very fun eating good food with good company. Unfortunately I couldn’t take good picture of my food, because it was to dark. So it looks quite nasty, but damn! It was goooood! The girls helped me take my picture with the flashlights on their phones to lighten up my dish hahaha.

I ate seitan for the first time. Seitan originally comes from Japan if I may believe the internet. The texture and structure made me totally freak out, it really looks a lot like meat. And oh yeah, everything you see on my plate was vegan. Some of their dishes do contain eggs or milk though, but most of them were vegan :).


After dinner I couldn’t help but try out some vegan ice cream. I never tried it before. I had some vanilla and stroopwafel flavored ice cream. Stroopwafel is some type of syrup or caramel waffle that is very known here in The Netherlands. The ice cream was pretty alright. They were less sweet and tasted like ice creams for adults lol. Furthermore they sell a lot of cakes, cookies and sweets. Most of them are vegan as well! You can now guess why this has become one of my favorite restaurants, right?


We sat at a high table eating our last bits of ice cream while admiring the interior design. I don’t really remember what was so funny, but it was hard taking a picture with a “normal” smiling face at some point. Probably we were high from the good food we ate.


Unfortunately I had another appointment that night so we couldn’t hang out more afterwards. We strolled around Blaak for a bit and headed towards the station. Before leaving we took a bunch of pictures in front of the Markthal Rotterdam. Rotterdam is such a photogenic city. I always enjoy it.

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