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Photo Diary 12 | Scheveningen

augustus 19, 2015


So this one time when the weather was really nice in The Netherlands I visited Scheveningen. Literally this one time, because there are no other times when the weather is really nice. Anyhow, the plan was to meet up with some friends, explore the beach and have some dinner.


Before heading towards the beach we strolled along some cafes and restaurants, had a drink somewhere and proceeded to keep searching for a place for me to eat some lunch. The guys already ate at McDonalds before this, yeah juck:). So it was up to me to check where I could eat. Eventually I found a spot where it was possible to order pizza without cheese. Yaay! It tasted very good too.


Because it was a Saturday the beach was pretty crowded. Unfortunately the sun started to hide behind the clouds which made it a bit frisky at times. I demolished my pizza and we took off towards the beach. It was such a nice feeling, walking with bare feet through the sand as I held my shoes in my left hand. Not long after we found a spot for our bags and towels the majority of us went for a dip in the freezing water. Brrr.. it was cold.

Time passed by and at a given moment there was a realization of that some friends were missing. Gazing over the crowded beach it looked impossible to find each other. Luckily it didn’t take too long for us to congregate again. We played volleyball with some random French people, did some yoga poses and played some american football with some other tourists on the beach. I had a blast, but it made me hungry again. We decided to eat some dinner at a Indian restaurant.


All covered in sand we sat down at the dinner table next to a window. It was nicely decorated. Explaining my dietary wishes brought no problems. The owners prepared some vegan dishes for me and carefully informed us about the ingredients of each dish. I think this was my first time eating at an Indian restaurant, but certainly not my last!


Eventually we headed back home to chill for a bit. We watched some stand up comedians and almost fell asleep in front of the television. Short but sweet Photo Diary of a very fun day. I wish the summer lasted longer here in The Netherlands.

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