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Curing acne

juli 24, 2015

From my teenage years into my young adult life I have been trying to get rid of my horrible looking acne. It took a huge toll on me. I didn’t want to socialize anymore, I was scared of leaving the house and afraid of what anybody would think of me. If you experienced a face full of zits you probably know what I’m talking about.

Inflamed red bumps that you can’t seem to stop touching. Nobody wants puss coming out their face, right? I know I don’t! For years I have been searching for a solution. I tried topical creams, masks, pills and other types of treatments, but nothing really seemed to work. I thought I had to deal with it for the rest of my life.

Ignorantly thinking it would be somehow cured with topical creams, left me believing food had nothing to do with the battle field on my face. Eventually I was so sick of it and stopped taking the conventional route. I stopped taking medication from my doctor or dermatologist, I stopped buying creams that beauty gurus on youtube were suggesting, threw out all those painful scrubs, face washes and lotions and started looking into what I was putting into my body.

All those unhealthy foods that I put into my body, inflammatory foods that we shouldn’t be eating. Never did it even crossed my mind to look into that. I researched and learned about the human body and the foods majority of the western society eats. I came across anecdotal stories of people like me getting rid of their acne by just simply eating a vegan diet. Not containing any meat, dairy and eggs. Was it really that simple?

I will take you on a trip from when I started getting acne until now. I will share with you the things that I have tried doing against it, what worked and what didn’t in the hope you can benefit from my story to help you with your journey.

It all started when I was 16 years old..

Minor spots on forehead, cheeks, chin and shoulders
As a teenage girl I was influenced by flawless looking girls shown to us by the media. Beautiful looking skin everywhere, not one had a spot on her face. So when I started to get zits in high school it was the most horrible thing. No doubt that I wanted to get rid of it and I decided to go to the doctor. Without any explanation on why I’m getting zits in the first place I got a prescription for the pill and two topical creams. Neither did I get any explanation of what the pill would do to me or those creams. But at that time all I cared about was getting rid of the bumps on my face. I also had acne on my shoulders that I wanted to get rid of.

After consistently using these products my acne vanished and I was left with a smooth surface on my back and face. It was the best thing ever. I continued taking the pill for several years and never had to worry about having any terrible breakout.


Age 18 to 19..

Spots on forehead, cheeks and jawline
For an amount of time I enjoyed my nice looking skin. But not very long after I stopped taking the pill I slowly but surely started to get breakouts. I didn’t want to take the pill anymore, because my skin was clear. Next to that I read a lot about the side effects the pill can have and I didn’t want to end up with anything other than good health down the road. Unfortunately I got bad skin again after stopping the pill. When the breakouts got more noticeable I bettered my knowledge about skincare and acne. I sought out all the tips and tricks. I invested a lot of money, but the only thing these lotions and potions did for my acne was just kind of keeping it under control, it never really brought any improvement.

(Spots on forehead and chin)

Age 20..

Big cysts on forehead, mouth, chin, jaw area2013-08-05 08.27.22
This was the time were I had the most severe and painful acne ever. After a mental breakdown my skin’s condition got a lot worse. I fell into a depressive state of mind. I didn’t want to go to the gym anymore, I didn’t want to hang out with people for the fear of what they would think of me and tried to stay at home as much as possible. I ate the worst types of foods you can imagine. I would eat too many chocolate bars, spoons full of nutella, boxes of cereal with milk and a lot of chocolate cookies. Comfort foods of which I thought they would make me feel better.

My face was puffy and painful. I hated myself. At that time I really wanted to go to a dermatologist to see if they could help me. I heard about a strong medication called roaccutane. It sounded like a wonder pill to me, so I secretly hoped the dermatologist would prescribe it to me. In reality I thought she would first do some treatments and then maybe, eventually try roaccutane on me. But no! First appointment I filled in some paperwork stating that I can not get pregnant, I need to take the pill (again) and that I agree with the possibility of the occurrence of some severe side effects. Freaking scary when I look back at it, but at that time I was like “Ahw yeah, acne free face here I come!”.

After taking roaccutane for about two to three months my acne got worse. My face was so red, it looked like it could pop anytime. I was expecting it to happen, because I watched other people their youtube videos talking about their experience with roaccutane explaining they had it as well. I needed to figure out everything IMG_20131029_142625-1by myself. The dermatologist only mentioned things when I asked her. My skin got dry, my lips dried out, my joints started to hurt and I got terrible headaches sometimes. Every month I needed to get my blood tested and every time they told me everything was just fine.

I was on roaccutane for almost six months and my skin started to clear up. It got so much better and the people around me noticed it too. I was feeling so much happier! At some point I felt like I wanted to stop roaccutane and the pill, because it was clearing up so well already. Eventually I did so after having a massive constipation, on which now I look back on and blame roaccutane for it. That was horrible… Not able to poop. I stopped roaccutane and the pill. Finally after a few years I enjoyed looking at myself in the mirror again.


On my way to clear skin naturally..

In some miraculous way I started eating a whole lot better after I stopped roaccutane. I incorporated more fruits and vegetables into my diet than I normally would have. I ate more foods that are good for overall health. My skin seemed to agree, hadn’t have a single breakout for the next six months after stopping roaccutane.

At some point I was about to go on a 6-7 week long trip to Japan. Unfortunately halfway into my vacation my skin started to get bad again. My face started to get tiny little white heads, mainly on my forehead and chin. At first I thought it might have had something to do with the humid weather, but later on I figured that it was my eating habit I should’ve blamed. My diet consisted of a lot more fat in Japan. Specifically animal fats. I know a lot of people think Japanese food is healthy, but they forget the fact that Japan is a westernized country now as well. Fast food joints are everywhere. Not that I visited them a lot, but I went eating out more than I used to back home. I ate super fatty ramen with pork meat and other dishes containing beef. I never used to eat pork and occasionally I had some beef, but I think I ate so much pork and beef there than I had in my entire life.

When I got back home my skin started to breakout again! I was really done with it!! Why me? Why can’t the acne just be gone?! I figured that it was also possible that roaccutane left my body completely, because it takes a while for it to be out of your system. Therefore the acne could just come back again. Without hesitation I made an appointment with a beauty specialist. She sold me tons of products with things in them I couldn’t even pronounce. I smeared that shit on like my life was depending on it, because I seriously didn’t want to have all my acne back again. Of course I followed the guidelines provided with those products. Aaand as suspected these products didn’t do much for my skin, it only made it worse. My skin was in so much pain.

One tip the lady gave me was to reduce my animal products. It sparked up my curiosity and I took a look on the internet about which foods could trigger acne. Not just random blogs of people, but I read actual studies. I found a lot of information about the link between dairy and acne. From there on in one way or another I came across a vegan diet. A diet consisting of fruit, vegetables, starches, grains, nuts and seeds. No meat, no dairy and no eggs. Just whole plants based foods. It didn’t sound to crazy to me nor did I felt like I would be missing out on animal based foods, so I started to eat more fruit and veggies. Without a doubt, within a week or so my skin was clearing up. I was amazed. I didn’t have any animal products during the day, only fruit and vegetables. At night I would have dinner with sometimes some animal products in them if  it was cooked for me. I never prepared it myself anymore.

1413282902806 1416825174354
Just less than two weeks eating more fruits and veggies my forehead clear up drastically. Somewhere after stopping roaccutane I had stopped drinking milk btw.

By the time I completely excluded all animal products the redness in my skin was gone and big bumps didn’t appear anymore. Not only did my skin get better, but my energy levels went through the roof, I was happier for no specific reason and was way more enthusiastic about life. I know for sure this was because of the foods I was eating. Foods rich in nutrients, water and fiber. Foods that don’t screw with your hormones or contain unnecessary hormones your body isn’t in need of. Plant based foods filled with life and essential vitamins and minerals. Animal products are filled with hormones, not only injected ones, but hormones of the animal itself. Don’t forget the antibiotics they get pumped up with. Meat is just the dead flesh of an animal that, before slaughtering, was in so much stress and fear. When you stop consuming meat you are not any longer consuming their stress and fears.

Suddenly everything started to make sense to me. We are not designed to eat animals or they byproducts. Our body is designed to eat plants. Our whole digestive system is a big proof of that. Our flat teeth, the pH levels our body need to be in, the length of our colon etc..  It was like I was completing a puzzle I have been trying to solve for years. We are not predators, so why are we eating meat?

A huge help was stopping all types of skincare products and only washing my face with water. No more face wash or cream anymore. I just carefully washed my face with water every morning and every night.  My skin looked better each day. My face got super dry and stretchy the first couple of days without skincare products, but some days after not anymore. Also staying away from make up helped me big time. My skin was able to breath again. I was giving my body the building blocks it needed to restore itself from within and not making it worse by putting stuff on my face.

Picture of me with make up on after being vegan for six months. Side note: I barely use make up. This was on a holiday :3

Each and every month I saw improvement. I kept focusing on that rather than focusing on the pimples left on my face. I was ecstatic! I bought coconut oil to use as a moisturizer. It helps healing scars quicker and keeps the skin moisturized. For some it might be to oily, so try it out first to see if it works for you. The organic coconut oil I bought was the next step for me. It was a big help!

Piece of advice

Now, writing this, I am a vegan for almost 10 months. I never ever had regretted this decision. It all starts with the inside, you are what you eat. Along with my change in eating habits came a peace of mind, an aware state of mind. A huge paradigm shift you could say. Anyhow everything I did worked for me, but it might not work for you. Keep in mind there could also be other things triggering your acne. Stress, lack of sleep, dehydration, smoking and air pollution can have influence on your skin as well. Though don’t exclude your diet as it not having any effect on your skin, because it does! Your diet is vital. Some people eat everything they want, smoke and don’t get enough rest, yet have the most brightest looking skin, shiniest hair and slimmest waist. Bare in mind they can’t keep doing that their whole life and those bad habits will eventually catch up with them. Their cellular health and intestinal tract won’t stay optimal in the long run in that way. Things like arthritis, high blood pressure, crohn disease, cancers, asthma, heart attacks, diabetes, constipation, coronary heart disease etc. etc. can manifest in their lives eventually. Also take a look into their eyes. Do they have bags under their eyes? How does their skin tone look? Their energy levels. Can they run around the block without gasping for air? Bad eating habits can evolve into a lot of messed up conditions. Most of those conditions can be taken care of with a healthy diet.

I recommend to drink tons of water! Your skin will thank you. Not just two liters a day, especially if you are active you should drink more. It is also a good thing to stay away from fatty and fried foods. Those contain so much oils and other toxins you don’t want to have in your body. Stop cooking with oils and lower the quantity of fat in your diet. I used to think of myself having oily skin, but that is not the case at all. I have very normal skin now. It only get oily when I eat more fat. Don’t underestimate sleep too! Rest is essential for the recovery of your body. Listen to it and don’t overdo yourself. Take naps whenever needed. You will definitely notice a change in you skin when you sleep enough. Keep your meals as simple as possible. Do some monomeals from time to time to give your digestive system a break.

This was a uber long post. If you made it until here I want to thank you so much for reading. If you want to hear me speak on this topic be sure to click on the video down below where I share some more details about me curing my acne.

Curing acne | HCLF VEGAN

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