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Reasons why you still eat animals

juli 22, 2015

Hi there guys,

I’ve uploaded a video on my youtube channel called “Reasons why you still eat animals”. This is a topic that I had on my mind for a while. Gary Yourofsky has a great speech online in which he stated that there are a couple of reasons, or excuses that people make for not going vegan. He spoke about habit, tradition, taste and convenience.

I felt like pointing them out in a video and give my opinion on them. I also added another reason people might have for not going vegan, social pressure. Non-vegans could be thinking now: “But I need animal protein!” or “We need animal products to be healthy!”. Those statements are not true and I will explain it in further detail in future videos of mine, so that is why I haven’t discussed these in this video.

Habit – Something that is repeated unconsciously, a routine or behavior that occurs often. I see eating meat, dairy and eggs as a habit. We don’t do it for our health nor survival nowadays. It is rather something we have learned from our parents, so we think we should do it too.

Taste – Taste is a huge factor in eating foods derived from animals. People seem even addicted to foods like cheese and fried chicken. d And don’t forget the seasoning! There is a lot of interesting information on the internet about this topic.

Tradition – A tradition is a belief or behavior passed down within a group or society with symbolic meaning or special significance with origins in the past. Copied it straight from the wiki page. People use the excuse tradition to justify themselves eating animals. They find it alright, because their families before them did it too. Sometimes traditions are old fashioned and don’t seem to fit in our current society.

Convenience – People in general don’t like to do a whole lot of effort to get something. They prefer to use the least amount of energy if possible. That’s why fast food joints are so popular and people rather buy microwaveable meals.

Social pressure – This can be a tough one to a lot. What if they can’t go out to eat with their friends anymore? What would people think if they went vegan? Today’s society cares more about other people their opinion than doing the right thing.

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Reasons why you still eat animal products Video

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