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Photo Diary 11 | Stuck in Den Bosch

juli 21, 2015


Traveling with the trains in The Netherlands can be a hell. The Dutch railway company always seems to have problems with technical issues, people jumping in front of the trains aka undercarbed shits, delays and more. Sometimes when a train is delayed it won’t even show up anymore. And who bears the brunt? Uhu, the travelers. The key is to always leave earlier than you were supposed to.

On one beautiful afternoon I traveled to Eindhoven. A city in the south of The Netherlands. It would take me about 1,5 hours to arrive there. I checked online if there were any disturbances with the railway company. I wasn’t surprised to see that exactly the train I needed had troubles. Clever me, I got a different train which would lead me to the same destination. At my transit in Utrecht all hell broke loose. Not one single train I needed was available due to a fire breakout in a tunnel right before Eindhoven. Of course!

I was stuck there for about an hour. Not bad at all compared to the next station, ‘S-Hertogenbosch. Or as the citizens of that city call it, Den Bosch. There were no trains towards Eindhoven from there as well. Either way, once arrived the staff notified the travelers through the intercoms that there would be buses heading towards Eindhoven. They forgot to mentioned that it would take ages for the buses to arrive… Loads of people were gathering around the bus stop, cutting in line of other people. After an hour of waiting I thought FUCK IT!

I went for a walk through the city center and snapped some pictures. Glad I did, the city was quite pretty. After a couple of hours I headed back towards the station of Den Bosch and the trains were finally on schedule again. Almost more than five hours to get to Eindhoven which could’ve taken me just 1,5 hour to get there. I missed my appointment. I dislike NS so hard. Get your shit together.

At the end I had a well deserved pasta with tomato sauce in a fine Italian restaurant in Eindhoven. So it wasn’t just for nothing traveling there, hehe.



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