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Photo Diary 10 | Food and Friends

juli 13, 2015

We drove one and a half hour to meet up with two friends living on the other side of The Netherlands. Just one and a half hour to get to the other side. Small country huh?

Guillaume on the balcony like: “You came to the wrong neighborhood brah!”.


On a Saturday we planned to spend the day together in Nijmegen. A city close to the boarder of Germany. A beautiful city I must say. It was my first time visiting their place. First impression: positive!


Entering their humble apartment we got a warm welcome and a house tour. Eventually everybody started to do pull ups in the middle of the hall way, because testosterone.


A similar interest we all share is games. Raj en Guillaume are two Street Fighter addicts. Maybe that comes across kind of severe, but they are very good at it. I am pretty much into that game as well. It is quick, it looks great and just the nostalgia of hearing HADOUKEN is worth playing it for a while. Both of those guys also competed in tournaments. In this post I was fortunate enough to attend one of those tournaments.


After some game time it was lunch time! Everybody gathered around the dining table and bit by bit the table got more and more filled with foods. They especially made a tasty salad containing avocado, tomato and some spices. Uhu, this vegan girl was satisfied. I had some bread with maple syrup too. Good stuff.


When we were done kicking each others butt, it was time for some serious gaming. Monopoly, the game that ruins friendships. I don’t remember the last time I’ve played this. I don’t even know if I’ve ever played this? Everyone seemed excited to play. The game went on for three hours or so. It was crazy! Though it was a lot of fun too. Trying to make deals with each other. Sometimes in your favor and sometimes the other way around. Eventually it became so late that we stopped it, even though the game wasn’t finished yet. Edin was about to prepare the most amazing dinner I’ve had in months. All vegan πŸ˜€


We had lentil soup as a starter. That flavor of that soup though. So good! I’m not so used to prepare my food with a lot of spices and salt and stuff so this was a flavor bomb in my mouth. Combined with a salad and couscous we ate bell peppers filled with a ton of veggies. If I wasn’t so full from lunch still I would’ve definitely eaten more! Oh yeah, we had delicious bread to dip in our soups too.

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