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juli 8, 2015

Hi everybody!

So I kind of wanted to wrap up my Japan trip from last summer with a fun video including all kinds of snippets that I couldn’t place into separate vlogs. So I made a montage! Making it entertaining enough was pretty difficult, but I think it kind of worked out.

In the video down below you will see Tatsuya and me in all kinds of different places in Japan. Mainly Tokyo and Okayama. We played in arcades, encountered several cats, walked through scary caves and swam in some random pool far out into the suburbs of Tokyo.

I had so much fun in Japan and it still feels like a dream, but I’m glad to say this dream came true. Just to let you know I most certainly will continue vlogging in The Netherlands and show you guys around in my own country. As for Japan, I might be visiting again at the end of this year again :).




Missed some of my Japan adventures? Here are the links to all my vlogs:
JAPAN VLOG #1 | Kashiwa, Natto and talking crows – 柏、なっとう、しゃべるカラス
JAPAN VLOG #2 | Akihabara, tonkatsu and shopping – 秋葉原、豚カツ、買い物
JAPAN VLOG #3 | Nakano Broadway – 中野ブロードウェイ
JAPAN VLOG #4 | Ameya yokocho market, UNIQLO, food on sticks – アメヤ横丁, ユニクロ
JAPAN VLOG #5 (1/2) | Yanaka, Gatcha-Gatcha, Nezu Shrine – 谷中, ガチャガチャ, 根津神社
JAPAN VLOG #5 (2/2) | Tokyo University and Ueno – 東京大学、上野
JAPAN VLOG #6 (1/2) | Doraemon and Pikachu Café – ドラえもん, ピカチュウカフェ
JAPAN VLOG #6 (2/2) | Roppongi, Pokémon Center and Kakigori – 六本木, ポケモンセンター, かき氷
JAPAN VLOG #7 | Omotesando, Takeshita Street – 竹下通り, 表参道
JAPAN VLOG #8 | Gundam Statue, Kabuki-za & Ginza – ガンダム, 歌舞伎座, 銀座
JAPAN VLOG #9 | Tokyo Disney Sea – 東京ディズニーシー
JAPAN VLOG #10 | Harajuku, Omotesando, Yoyogi Park – 原宿, 表参道, 代々木公園

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