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JAPAN VLOG #10 | Harajuku, Omotesando, Yoyogi Park – 原宿, 表参道, 代々木公園

juli 6, 2015

Herro there,

Finally took the time to write about my last day in Japan. Yes, JAPAN VLOG 10 was technically my last day in Japan. Although I was there the day after as well, but that was the day I took my flight back to The Netherlands. Hehe. Now let me briefly tell you about where I went and what I did.


Our first destination was Harajuku. We arrived there by train, as usual, and walked through Takeshita Street. I was in search of some souvenirs. No place better than Takeshita street for all kind of cute little goods.

Not very far into the shopping street we saw Laura who was working at a interesting store. In JAPAN VLOG 7 we met up with her and her boyfriend as well. We chatted for a bit and left her so she could go back to work.

Carefully we exited the store and kept moving through the crowded street. It is a nice experience visiting Takeshita Street during the day time for you may encounter a lot of dressed up people wearing the most colorful clothing and fascinating haircuts.

I might say this in all my posts, but we started to get hungry. And when Tatsuya gets hungry, he gets grumpy. So we needed to act fast, lol.


It was a long walk from Harajuku to Omotesando, but doable. Especially when you want to see some high-end stores and fancy cafes. I always enjoy walking there looking up the tall buildings and colorful advertisements. At some point the scenery changes a lot when you walk into Omotesando. Omotesando looks very posh. The architecture of the buildings intrigue me, same goes for the people shopping there. It is definitely a 180 degrees flip from the style in Harajuku. Everybody is dressed up as if they were just walking out of a fashion magazine. Couples matched each other’s style flawlessly, they wore the coolest bags and their hair styles were on point. Neat, casual, hipster etc..

When strolling down through some small streets we found a cozy little restaurant were we ate a delicious meal. Too bad I didn’t take any pictures there. After eating lunch we continued checking out some stores until we eventually felt like hanging out at Yoyogi Park.

Yoyogi Park

It took us a while to get to Harajuku. There was a festival taking place which attracted a lot of people, so it was hard to get from one spot to another. We tried to stay in the shadow as much as possible due to the heat of the sun. Summers in Japan can get super hot! At a small shop we bought a bottle of water to keep us hydrated.

There were a lot of street performers doing what they did best. Yoyogi park is pretty famous for its street artists. I saw a drummer, people dancing and dressed with a rockabilly theme to it, some guitarists and more! Whenever the visitors of Yoyogi park had something to spare they did. I love it when I see a child throwing in a coin and walking back to their parents all proud and giggly.

A fun thing about Japan is that you can drink alcohol beverages on the streets. Most people buy their drinks at a combini and find a chill spot to consume them. Same goes for Yoyogi park, as it is seen as a great spot to chill. The further I walked into the park, the more people I encountered gulping their drinks and having a good time. A rare sight, because in The Netherlands you are not allowed to do so.

We spend some time relaxing, before we returned home again. Pretty bummed out by the thought of flying back to The Netherlands we caught the train home, had dinner and started packing the rest of our belongings.


I will be writing more about Japan soon. Things like the places you must visit when coming to Japan, my favorite things about Japan and probably also about the things I dislike about Japan.

Thank for reading and watching!

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