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Photo Diary 8 | Dutch heat is crazy!

juli 1, 2015


The weather forecast in The Netherlands predicts new heat records for the upcoming days. I love the sun, oh yeah. I love it when it’s warm outside, but right now is crazy! At the moment of typing this it is 33 degrees outside. Temperatures will still rise. I’m glad I have visited the beach yesterday instead of any of these upcoming days.

Tatsuya and me traveled to the beach with public transport. It was doable, considering the warmth. Not too bad at all. We arrived around noon and headed straight towards the sand. A lot of people were already enjoying the sea and sand with friends and family. A lovely sight.

We walked with our bare feet into the freezing cold water, asking each other how people could manage swimming in there?! A half hour later I understood, haha. Laying down on our towels made us feel like fried vegan eggs. Indeed, it was hot. Got pretty tanned as well, what I totally don’t mind. After a while of sunbathing and chitchatting I stepped my feet back into the water again to cool myself down a bit. SO GOOD.

Tons of seagulls stared at us waiting for some food, but we had non. Around us were so many couples, young and old relaxing on the beach. I thought it was a fun thing to see :).

At some point I was starting to get fairly hungry. We packed our stuff, dressed up and walked towards decent looking cafes and restaurants. The sand was terribly hot at some spots, so we shared a pair of slippers to get off the sand safely. Thanks to Tatsuya that he brought slippers with him!

Some moments later we found a chill place where we ate a delectable looking wrap filled with all kinds of vegetables. On the side we had some tortillas with guacamole. I ate the whole plate, including a bit of Tatsuya’s leftovers. I dislike wasting food.

Overall I am happy to have enjoyed the beach before the terror weather is coming over to hit us in the face. I will be outdoors early in the morning or late at night, the rest of the day I will hide inside my house haha.

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