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Tong Tong Fair 2015 | Netherlands

juni 21, 2015

Tong Tong Fair, where east meets west. Where people lose themselves in the wonderful world of the Indonesian culture and beyond. You’ll meet friendly and hospitable people who want to eat great food, explore cultures and have a good time.

The first edition of the fair was organized over more than 50 years ago. As a small child I have been lucky enough to visit it multiple times. This time I am a little older with the ability of making some pictures to show and tell my experience. Take a look at what I have seen at the Tong Tong Fair 2015!


The Tong Tong Fair was open from the 27th of May until the seventh of June on the Malieveld, The Hague. Just a five minute walk from the station. I took the tram from my home town and arrived somewhere passed noon or so. Pleasantly it wasn’t that busy in the middle of the week, what meant that I didn’t have to stand in line for a ticket.


After buying my ticket at the entrance I walked along the same route they set up every year. Their decorations make me feel very welcomed. No doubt other visitors felt the same way.


The first interesting stand I found was one selling dried fruits. They had a broad variety from everything to dates and cranberries. I resisted myself from buying a bag full of it, because I would be too full to eat lunch later. I continued walking towards other stands.

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Had to snap some pictures of the beautiful pottery I came across. A lot of stunning bowls and plates with bright colors had me so intrigued. They reminded me of mandalas which I drew when I was a child. Unfortunately I forgot to ask where their products came from.

I saw some little Buddha statues. They look so adorable with their huge smiles!

Never have I tried durian fruit. Some say it is heaven, others claim it to be the opposite. I hope to find out for myself one day. But the smell of these… Damn, stank!

They even had a shop with more modern and pop culture related items. In the picture you can see some cosplay attire and kimono looking like dresses.


I walked towards the end of the path and found a huge food stand selling everything from Indonesian specialties to tasty looking fruit smoothies. Everybody was working very hard helping the costumers.


In the middle of the main area there was a podium. Many artist sang and played instrument and entertained tons of people. Judging by the amount of happy looking people standing around the podium I could say they were having a great time. I observed the area a bit and decided to continue checking other nearby stands. One stand was selling dazzling looking lights, perfect for romantic kinds of decorations. Then I saw a stand with tons and tons of cute earrings, necklaces, wristbands and more!


A stand that caught my attention was this one with a lot of statues and home decor. It looked so ancient and beautiful. I think it could be handmade, because there was so much detail into every little piece. Brown colors and wooden texture are some of my most favored for home decoration. It makes me feel so cozy.

You could find batik fabric everywhere. On dresses, pants, bags, T-shirts and a lot more. Finding jewelry wasn’t an issue either.

Here you see paper which is very creatively shaped into all sort of objects and creatures. A unique looking letter to send to someone or just as home decoration.

I really wanted to snap some pictures of these old looking photographs, they looked so cool. Wonder who they were?


One of my favorite areas at the Tong Tong Fair must have been the food area. It contains multiple Asian restaurants and waroengs, which are small family owned restaurants. After a half hour of walking through the food area, I finally found a place for some lunch.

Although these meals were vegan, I didn’t enjoy them that much. The fried banana was incredibly good though!


When I was done spending time in the food area I visited one more area. It felt like I was literally walking through Indonesia itself, even though I never been there. The smell, the people, the foods, the colors and sounds made the area so vivid. For a second I forgot that I was still in The Netherlands. But yeah, walking back to the station had me come back to reality again.


I enjoyed myself for the time being. It was a fun day out, great for a couple of hours of exploring something different than usual. Have you been to the Tong Tong Fair?

Thanks for reading!

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