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Markthal Rotterdam | Laat open

juni 15, 2015

Once I told you all about my first experience in the Markthal Rotterdam in this post. Since then I’ve visited the Markthal Rotterdam a couple of times. Regularly their doors close at 20:00 p.m. or so, but on one particular Friday you could shop-until-you-drop (or I could say eat until you’re stuffed!!) until 23:00 p.m.. The Markthal Rotterdam was “Laat open”, open until late. I went to check it out.

This lady welcomed us at the entrance. Although looking very flowery and lovely, she reminded me of those nurses of Silent Hill *cries in a corner*.


When entering I didn’t notice anything different about the Markthal, except for some different types of food stands. They change food stands every couple months or so and some stay for a longer amount of time. Now I thought it would be super busy and stuff, but nope! It could also have been that maybe the festivities wouldn’t start until later that night.


We paved our way into one of my favorite areas. Nuts and dried fruits! Everything looks so yummy over there. I couldn’t resist getting some peanuts covered in dark chocolate. Haven’t had chocolate in ages, so all good haha. A friend of mine accompanied by his girlfriend also got a bag of this goodness. He was such a gentleman and paid for my bag, thanks!


For something a bit healthier you can check out Vers van de Teler which I mentioned in this post as well. They sell a lot of fresh juices and smoothies along with yummy fruits to snack on. The green color of the shop is so vibrant that you definitely won’t miss it!


A couple of meters away from ‘Vers van de Teler’ they sell huge amounts of fruits. It is incredible. A lot of common fruits, but also a lot of tropical and unknown ones that you wouldn’t find in your regular supermarket. The variety and amount made my mouth fall open. I had to take a closer look. I saw some red bananas which I’ve seen before, but never tasted. Does anybody know what they are and if they taste any different from regular bananas?


More sweetness on the other side of the Markthal. A whole doughnut filled showcase with different shades of glazing and a chocolaterie selling tons of chocolates. I was pretty interested in the dark chocolate bonbons. The higher the percentage the better.


After a bit of walking we sat down for some tea together at a shop where I always go for a break when I’m in the Markthal. It is called De Wereld van Smaak, The World of Taste. A very cozy and relaxing spot. After taking a good look around I noticed where the live music came from which I’ve been hearing since entering the Markthal. Situated on top of another food stand together wit a saxophone guy they rocked the night away. Sounded pretty chill, not much rock, more like deephouse-ish. On another rooftop of an Italian restaurant a guy shared his vocal talents with his visitors. Honestly though, it sounded pretty mehhhhh!


The Markthal Rotterdam is as always a fun place to visit. So hands down, no doubt, really go and check it out when you have the time. In my own opinion Markthal ‘Laat Open’ wasn’t anything more special than regular days except for some live music, but it could’ve been that in the time being there we were just to early and spectacular things wouldn’t happen until later.

Overall I had a nice day and would do it all over again. Have you been to the Markthal yet? Maybe your country has something similar to this?

Anyway, thanks for reading and hope to see you soon on my blog again!

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