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Photo Diary 7 | Yogi in the making

juni 4, 2015


That feeling of trying out and discovering new things make me feel so alive, but trying out yoga took me to a place even beyond that. I always had a slight interest in it, yet never took the chance to do it. Although a few years ago I took a class together with Choi, a friend of mine. We had a lots of fun.

Exactly 24 days ago I started with a 30 day yoga challenge from Yoga with Adriene and I am hooked! I seriously can’t wait to take it to the next level, improve my flexibility, strength and most of all get to know myself better. Not only is yoga great for the body, it is also great for the mind.

I bought myself a yoga mat from Nike a couple of days ago. Actually I didn’t want to get it from Nike, but local stores nearby didn’t have any other quality mat to choose from. Probably it would have been wiser to check online. Anyhow, I am super happy with it :).

I will keep you posted about my journey here. If you have some tips for me as a beginner you are more than welcome to leave me some in the comment section down below! Any kind of tip would be great! Thank you for reading. ^_^

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