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Heavenly Cupcakes Rotterdam

mei 31, 2015

On a Wednesday afternoon I met up with two lovely girls in Rotterdam. I took some time to search a nice cafe online where we could chitchat, drink some tea and relax. Simply by typing in the words Vegan Rotterdam into google I found out about Heavenly Cupcakes Rotterdam. My day couldn’t get any better and I was super excited to taste their creations.


Heavenly Cupcakes is owned and founded by Jessica and her daughter Rebecca. All of their cupcakes, pies and cakes are completely plant based. No animal products are to be found in their recipes. So no eggs, no dairy and no butter. Never have I tried vegan cupcakes before, but I had no doubt about that it would be very delicious!


From the station of Rotterdam we traveled by metro. The first impression Heavenly Cupcakes gave me was a warm and cozy one. A lot of wooden textures, soft pastel colors and cute decorations. Yes, I felt at home. The three of us got closer to the counter to admire all of the cupcakes behind the showcase. They are literally dazzling looking cupcakes in all kinds of flavors like Nutella, Oreo, coconut, chocolate, strawberry and more. It took me a while to pick one.


Choi had herself a coconut flavored one, Stefanie choose a Oreo cupcake and I felt like devouring two cupcakes – Nutella and walnut-caramel. We all got to try out one another’s. My favorite was the coconut one, followed by the Nutella cupcake. I must say though, all of them were divine! Some were very sweet, others were less sweet. But overall so creamy and filling. One cupcake is enough for sure, but I just eat a lot.


We drank green tea out of lovely crockery, contemplating if we should get some more to munch on, but everyone was pretty stuffed. Prices of the cupcakes range between the €2,50 and €3,25. I will repeat that ALL of these baked goodies are vegan. On request they can bake cupcakes without sugar, gluten free and even low fat ones. Great for cupcake lovers who suffer from any allergies. If you feel like something other than tea after eating a cupcake they serve coffee, latte, mint tea, chai latte and more as well.


Another awesome aspect from Heavenly Cupcakes is that they sell a variety of vegan products. I came across some Nak’d bars, a whole lot of vegan cheeses, vegan mayonnaise and chocolate made out of rice milk. To put the cherry on top they also sell vegan ice cream! This place might be one of my favorite hotspots from now on.


Heavenly Cupcakes Rotterdam is situated on the Nieuwe Binnenweg 244 accompanied by a whole lot of other interesting stores along the road. From my experience this is definitely a place worth a visit. I will be coming back for some more.

For more information you can check out their website here or maybe even take a look on their facebook page.


Did you ever try vegan cupcakes? Hope this post made you curious!

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