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Photo Diary 6 | Pause to continue

mei 22, 2015


Don’t feel so well? No motivation? Need some inspiration? Stop doing what you are doing and go outside. Take a walk, sit on a bench for 15 minutes, maybe even put on some exercise clothing and run around the block. Heck, anything that lets you sniff up some fresh air outside will make you feel a whole lot better.

Doing something totally different can give you new perspectives on the things you are trying to accomplish. Whenever I am having a writer’s block and coming up with a new idea seems impossible, I go for a walk outside. Having all these different incentives around you like raindrops falling on your umbrella, the wind blowing in your face, the noise of the traffic or even the total silence in which you hear couple of birds whistle can really help you find inspiration.

Walking outside can also be very meditative. I know this really applies to me. When I go for a short stroll I have some time to reflect on myself. I ask myself questions about anything and try to answer them. Next to it being beneficial for your mental health and clarity, your physical health will thank you for it too. Blood will pump and flow, you’ll breath a little harder and afterwards your body and mind find themselves in a relaxed state.

A lot of times I randomly go outside for a run, take my time to do some squats and lunges, continue my run and have a good stretch at the end. I especially like to do this in a park or a place that looks totally different from my working space. When I get back to work, or whatever I was doing when I lacked the inspiration, I notice my flow is back again. A moment of complete distraction gives me that extra “umpf” to keep on going.

These pictures were from such a day when I needed a pause to help me continue. The sun was shining so bright. I was lucky to see some baby geese and a wonderful yellow field of flowers. Things I would have not seen if I stayed inside.

What do you do when you need some inspirations to keep you going?

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