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JAPAN VLOG #9 | Tokyo Disney Sea – 東京ディズニーシー

mei 18, 2015

Recently I uploaded my ninth JAPAN VLOG. All in theme of Disney Sea. Yes, I also never heard of it, so I really didn’t know what to expect. The fact that I’ve never even seen Disneyland either made me more clueless, haha. But not knowing what to expect sparked up a lot of curiosity. Another experience to be grateful for.

Amazing Kakigori
Before going to Disney Sea we ate Kakigori. Judging from the people lining up outside the cafe made it seem that their Kakigori was top notch. Kakigori is similar to shaved ice with a flavor on top. I wrote a little something about it in this JAPAN VLOG too. Although in this cafe they served the freshest, tastiest and truthfully the most delicious Kakigori I’ve ever eaten. Unfortunately I don’t remember the name of the place, but when I do I will definitely share it here with you guys. Mine had fresh strawberries on top.


Disney Sea
Standing in line while looking around at the decor of Disney Sea made me feel super excited. Tatsuya and me were so lucky that his brother asked us to spend the evening with him and his family there. Finally it was our turn to show our tickets. With that done we entered Disney Sea and it was time to explore!


There were so many people. A lot of them were dressed up with Disney accessories, taking selfies with Mickey Mouse ears on top of their heads and little kids looking around with big eyes while holding their mother’s hand. I felt like a kid again.


We hopped on three different rides that day. The first one was super thrilling. Within a few seconds we experienced a free fall for several times. It also showed us a dazzling view over the amusement park, which unfortunately just lasted for a few seconds as well. The second one was a very playful ride with a Toy Story theme. We sat in a cart with some type of gun and our objective was to score as many points as possible by shooting at characters and other things popping up along the ride. Whoever scores the most points wins! The third ride was my favorite and to me the most adventurous ride I have ever been on. It was themed after Indiana Jones so of course it had to be adventurous. Meanwhile standing in line, we admired all the interesting decorations they had going on. The ride itself was pretty short, yet so much happened in that time that I didn’t even know where to look.

For all of these rides we had to wait for more than an hour or so. Some even two hours! If you want to see more about my experience in Disney Sea, check out my youtube video down below and let me know what you think!


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