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Photo Diary 5 | Lipsticks and Orange juices

mei 15, 2015


I like visiting Rotterdam and I do so every once in a while. This city has so much to offer. Unlike my little city Rotterdam looks like it’s getting more and more modern. I also think that the people in Rotterdam dress way more consciously, very fashionable. On the other side there is this underground type of vibe I get from it, a vibe that kind of hides away and isn’t noticeable when you aren’t familiar with Rotterdam. A city of music, enjoyment and relaxation.

For Choi and me this is pretty much our meeting spot whenever we hangout. We checked out some shops and chatted mostly about our lives, interests and some other girly stuff. Choi was looking for a particular lipstick color that eventually didn’t turn out what she wanted to have. So the both of us just had some fun trying on various colors.

After coloring and cleaning our lips a couple of times we entered the H&M, MONKI and the H&M again. I got some nice necessary and not-so-necessary stuff at MONKI and Choi was pretty successful at the H&M. In the first H&M I tried on a cute white romper that I would love to see myself wearing in the summer. Just picture out the choker and the socks. I thought it could look pretty neat. In the end it would be an impulsive purchase so I didn’t buy it, hehe.

The second H&M was filled with clothing that was on sale and had pretty darn good deals. But whenever there is a sale, there is chaos! The whole place was filled with people trying to get something worth their money and not afraid to give someone an elbow for it. Geez, women maintain yourselves.

We escaped the women slaying pit that H&M was and ordered a delightful drink at a department store’s restaurant. Tasty orange juice, freshly squeezed and with bits of healthy fiber still floating in it. Oh, how I love the taste of orange juice. I could drink liters of it and probably be bouncing off the wall afterwards. Seated down and unwinding from our shopping adventures we chatted some more before we left for home again.

Rotterdam and Choi, I will be seeing more of you soon again :).



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