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JAPAN VLOG #8 | Gundam Statue, Kabuki-za & Ginza – ガンダム, 歌舞伎座, 銀座

mei 11, 2015

Hi guys,

Here I am with a blog post about JAPAN VLOG #8. I only have a few JAPAN VLOG’s left to upload unfortunately. Guess I need to go back to Japan now and make some more… That would be awesome, wouldn’t it? 🙂

Odaiba, お台場
We arrived at Odaiba with the monorail, a cool unmanned metro that rides around the district. Odaiba is to be found on a artificial island in Tokyo Bay. A lot of people come here for shopping and other sorts of amusement. Throughout the shopping malls there are many restaurants where people often line up for a nice meal. It can get very busy at time, because Odaiba is pretty popular among tourists.

Luckily the day we went it wasn’t so busy. We got on the monorail with ease and enjoyed the scenery from the front seat. Beautiful city scenery filled with skyscrapers decorate they way towards Odaiba. The sun was shining so bright that some sunglasses would’ve definitely been handy. When we got off at our stop the heat was ridiculous. I think it wasn’t even past noon and we were already sweating and melting, and that just from walking.


Shonen Jump Store
We entered some shopping malls and encountered a temporary Shonen Jump shop. This was great because of all the Dragonball goodies. Childhood got a hold on me again as I walked through the shop. There were also other anime and manga displayed, some which I didn’t recognize. I saw key chains, notebooks, pens, figures, plushies, manga, posters and more.


Lunch at Kua
As most of the times, we were starting to get hungry. During my winter vacation in Japan I went to this Hawaiian burger joint in Odaiba. It was still there so we choose this place again to take care of our hunger. We had a nice view and some drinks to cool us down.


Gundam Statue
One thing I haven’t seen during my winter vacation in Japan was the Gundam statue in Odaiba. It is a life sized statue, based on the popular anime series. I really, really wanted to see it and I finally did. Ah, he was so photogenic. I heard that around some time of the day he moves! Behind the Gundam statue there is a huge dining and shopping area which we walked through on our way to the metro station called Tokyo Teleport.


Ginza, 銀座
From the metro station Tokyo Teleport we headed towards the shopping district Ginza, famous for its luxurious department stores, high-end boutiques and expensive restaurants. Ginza is one of the most expensive places in Japan, estimating over millions of yen for just a square meter of land. Brands like Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana are a few brands lined up across the streets.

Also Uniqlo, H&M and Zara are found in the shopping streets of Ginza with their departments stores going up to nine stories high! It was incredible and I have never seen such huge stores. Japan is crazy awesome!


Check out my JAPAN VLOG down below to see even more of what I did. If you are interested in more of these videos be sure to check out my youtube channel. I hope you enjoy it and thanks for watching/reading!


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