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Photo Diary 4 | Running on the beach and lost keys

mei 7, 2015

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What started out like a perfect day, evolved in quite different ways. Bright sun rays woke me up on this beautiful Wednesday morning and I felt determined. I would definitely not waste this day on sitting behind my laptop, no. Especially not when I live so close to the beach. Along with that the weather was great! I’m sure it was one of the first really warm days in the Netherlands.

I gathered some workout clothing (really need to get some new outfits) after drinking some morning juice. As I pulled up my pants I noticed how long I haven’t shaved my legs.. It was still early so I shaved away all my unwanted hairs with some coconut oil. You might think why I am so specific in telling you I have shaved my legs, but there is a reason for it. Anyhow, with my silky smooth legs I was ready to go. I packed a little bag with necessary stuff. Then I caught the bus and traveled for about a half hour to the beach of Kijkduin. Once I got to the beach I noticed I wasn’t the only one wanting to spend time here.

The day was incredibly gorgeous. The sound of the waves, the water hitting the shore, dogs and children running around and even some people going for a swim. Looking up into the air I saw colorful kites and a bunch seagulls. Not one cloud was covering the clear blue sky.

As I continued running I started to feel a bit of a stinging sensation on my legs. It became so annoying that I had to stop running. I left the beach at the nearest exit and walked all the way back to where I started. I figured that shaving my legs wasn’t the cleverest thing I had done that day. A lot of red stripes were covering my shins and calves which were caused by irritation due to the sun. That was when I decided to go back home and cool my legs down.

First I bought some dates at a small shop and ate them all. Then took the bus home. Just when I was about the get off the bus I realized that I couldn’t find my keys! Anywhere! Not in my little backpack, not in the pockets of my pants and not in my coat. I thought that I must have lost them on the beach. Running over more than 5 miles I could have lost them anywhere. Luckily my boyfriend works pretty close. I traveled for more than a half hour so I could borrow his keys.

Finally I returned back home, still in my workout clothing and freakin’ tired, to find out that my own keys were in the lock of my apartment door… In the morning I probably left in such a rush that I forgot to take the keys with me. I am so glad that I found my keys there though. Has this ever happened to you? Super silly haha.

In the end of the day I was so happy and grateful. Now I look back and laugh about it :).

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