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Lake Teganuma | Japan

april 29, 2015

A bicycle, a lake and the sun setting down around six p.m. at night. The sky turns into a beautiful orange and golden color which gets reflected by the water and makes the surrounding even brighter. A magical scenery in front of me before the stars got the chance to shine.







Winter in Japan is very pleasant, because most of the time the sky is blue with the sun shining. Makes enduring the cold a lot better. During my first trip to Japan in winter I took a day to cycle around a huge lake close to where I was staying. Some where around two p.m. I prepared myself for the ride. The whole lake measures about 22 kilometers (approx. 13.7 miles), but I think I only went for 10 kilometers (6.2 miles). Though getting to the lake takes 15 minutes. When I think about it I would love to go back and go for a run around it :).

There where a lot of people taking a walk, jogging and cycling. I came across families playing in the grass fields and enjoying the scenery probably as much as I did. I took my camera with me to capture the beautiful atmosphere and made a video about it. It is one of my first uploads on my youtube channel. Please take a look if you are interested.

Cycling around Teganuma Lake

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