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Photo Diary 3 | Delft

april 25, 2015


It was weekend again, which means time for some fun and delicious breakfast. I cut up an orange. In my bowl I have some regular cornflakes topped with pieces of dates, bananas and coconut flakes. In one of my recent posts I show you where I bought these ingredients. When I was done with this creation I poured rice milk into the bowl and enjoyed every bite of it.


While listening to some peaceful music we prepared ourselves for a walk towards Delft. We left the house before noon with the sun shining very bright already. I knew it was going to be a beautiful day. There were just a few clouds in the sky. It took us around 50 minutes to reach the center of delft. Along the way we encountered some baby ducks and sheep. I thought the sheep looked so peaceful sitting there in the grass. Totally felt like joining them, haha.


No matter how many times I have seen the center of Delft, I always will admire its streets and buildings. The atmosphere is so calming. Here and there people pass by on their bikes, couples walk hand in hand and tourist take pictures of the canals and architecture. I myself was kind of looking like a tourist that day, taking pictures of anything I found interesting.


If you find yourself strolling around a city center in The Netherlands on a Saturday you are likely to find markets in between the streets. In Delft we stumbled upon one that sold various kinds of antique goods. I saw jewelry, books, collectible crockery and more. Every stall had their own unique things which attracted people in a constant flow. It was probably a good day for the sellers!


We took a detour and entered streets I have never even walked through. After exploring the surroundings for a while we took a seat at a terrace that had such a Southern vibe to it. Too bad I didn’t make more pictures, because it looked so lovely. With the sun shining bright and a glass of orange juice in front of me I could definitely say to my self: “Summer is coming!”. I am so thrilled about it.


Not really far away from where we had a drink we sat down next to a canal to eat some lunch. It got quite hot there so I took of my jacket and sat on it while drinking up the last bit of juice I had brought with me. The juice consisted of carrots, bananas and apple juice. To me a weird combination, but it tasted very good and sweet. I consider on buying it soon again.

As I dripped the last bit of juice into my mouth more and more ducks gathered around us. Even more when we started to unpack and eat our lunch. I had myself some delicious dates and bananas while Tatsuya ate some fresh bread. We shared a little food with the ducks. They seemed to like bread more than bananas, haha.


As we walked around the city center some more it got a friskier. Or maybe the square was windier than the rest of the streets we walked through. We decided to sit down at a cafe next to the big church. They were specialized in beers, but it was a tad too cold for that. I had a tea and Tatsuya a coffee. It would have been pretty tiring to walk back home again, so we left for the station after a while and took the bus.

I am glad to live nearby Delft and will be visiting the city a lot more this summer. Have you ever been to Delft or maybe planning to visit it?

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