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Photo Diary 2 | Coffee & Sunset

april 22, 2015


Just when you had nothing planned your agenda gets filled with something. Sometimes these can be the nicest things. I learned myself to just go with the flow and let my spontaneous side make the best of it. This particular thought passed my mind a few days ago when my boyfriend came back from work and the sun was still shining bright. Seeing the sun in The Netherlands is quite a rare thing, so I always take full advantage when such a moment occurs. We decided to ride the bus towards a beach not far from where I live to watch the sunset in all its glory.

Once we set foot outside of the bus the cold wind struck us immediately. Luckily we came prepared with our coats and scarfs on. After a little while of wandering around and counting the waves we felt the need to warm ourselves up. I saw an advertisement stating that they sold coffee in combination with soy milk. Now I never tried that and I was willing though I barely drink coffee anymore. From our comfortable seats with our cup of coffee in hands we watched the sun settle into the horizon. A gorgeous ending of my day.

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