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Photo Diary 1 | Easter Breakfast

april 19, 2015


I might be a bit late with sharing this, but here was our little Easter breakfast. Normally my breakfast consists out of fruit only, like a monomeal for example. This day was different. We had muesli, bought the day before. I literally haven’t eaten muesli in over a half year so it was quite a treat. Especially when accompanied by so many delicious pieces of fruits.


On our fruit platter we had blueberries, grapes and frozen mangoes. On the right you see four bananas and four mandarin. Breaking some food combining rules over here, but rules are made for breaking right? πŸ™‚


We also tried out a chocolate paste that I saw at Ekoplaza in combination with a loaf of bread, also from the same organic supermarket. It is a chocolate paste made out of pure chocolate, so no milk included! It was super tasty. I had a few slices of that next to my bowl of muesli combined with fruits. It was a very pleasant and cozy morning. Lately we’ve been having mornings like this every weekend. Very grateful for it.

I will be uploading more Photo Diary posts, because I feel like it is a nice way to share things in a much easier way. So yeah, what did you eat for breakfast on Easter morning?

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