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Vegan Wraps Night

april 18, 2015

My plan was to make a huge vegan pizza this night for a cute couple that was joining us for dinner, but sometimes impulsiveness happens and plans change. My mom brought me some wraps the day before and I came with the idea of making delicious fillings for inside the wraps, because coincidentally I had all the ingredients for it. On the next pictures you see everything that I used for the wrap fillings.


Just to sum it up:

  • Roma tomatoes
  • Carrots
  • A cucumber
  • Minced “meat” aka tofu
  • An union
  • Mexican veggie mix
  • Arugula
  • Tomato sauce
  • Chickpeas
  • Jalapeños
  • Sambal Oelek
  • Cilantro
  • Spinach (Not on the picture, but used it as well)

And the nice thing about it, it is very easy to make. I just threw everything together and BAM! Alright, not exactly.. but in somewhat way haha. In the following pictures you will see the steps that I made.

I started by heating up a pan with some water. I don’t use oils while cooking. Water works just fine and it a lot healthier than oil. Then I started cutting up the union, carrots, cilantro, roma tomatoes and cucumber. Once the pan was heated up enough I threw in the unions and cooked them until they became golden of color.


The next ingredient to be thrown into the pan was the tofu. At first I wasn’t planning on using tofu for the wrap. I thought that chickpeas would be enough for a nice texture and bite, but I was like why not? And wow, it looks so much like real meat. Except that it doesn’t come with cholesterol, hormones, animal proteins and the amount of fats :).



The pan gets more colorful with each step doesn’t it? In the last two pictures above you see that I added the bag of mixed veggies and the chickpeas. Now I am no certified cook so the order of adding ingredients is not something that is known to me. But yeah, at least the kitchen didn’t burn down. Meanwhile I started steaming the carrots and placing some chopped roma tomatoes and jalapeños in little trays as you see in the next pictures.


I love how colorful food can get. Since I started exploring the vegan cuisine I came across so many colorful dishes, it is amazing. In the picture above you can see how the whole dish changes when I added in the tomato sauce. It started to look so good. I was hoping it would also taste as good as it looked like.


Next up was the cilantro I chopped up earlier. My mother cooks a lot with it, so the taste is pretty familiar to me. She uses it in almost all of her dishes. The cilantro was the last ingredient added next to a bit of pepper and salt. I try to avoid using to much salt as well. I usually don’t even add it, but I had to keep in mind that not everybody likes it that way. To me it just destroys the real taste of food.

It was now time to set the table and eat some wraps for dinner. I boiled rice that we eventually also used to fill up the wraps with. It worked great keeping the wrap from leaking too much, because of the tomato sauce (or bad wrapping skills haha).


This was Joey his wonderful wrap without extra veggies added yet. I think it looks very tasty, don’t you think? I ate four wraps in total if I am correct and some extra plain rice. Quite much, but I eat a lot. The rest of them ate two or three. They were very pleased as well and up for another dinner with us.

Hope this didn’t get you too hungry!

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