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What I ate today #1 | HCLF Vegan

april 8, 2015

Hi there,

I recently uploaded a video to my youtube channel about what I eat in a day as a high carb low fat vegan. I will make sure to make a blog post about what exactly high carb low fat means. In short most of my calories come from carbohydrates which keep me fueled and lean :). In the upcoming future I will make more What I ate Today videos with the main purpose of spreading this lifestyle and all of its benefits.

What did I eat?

  • carrot and beet juice
  • seven mandarin
  • 10 banana smoothie(Click here to see how I make this smoothie)
  • mashed potatoes with kale
  • salad containing lettuce, arugula, tomato and cucumber
  • tomato pasta sauce with tofu,mushrooms, onion etc.

I try to drink approximately one liter of water in the morning. Throughout the rest of the day I try to drink more than one liter as well. I used cronometer to give me a slight indication about the amount of calories I consumed. They were around 2500 calories were most of my them came from carbohydrates. Just to let you know I do never count my calories or weigh my food in purpose of weight loss. I don’t believe restricting calories is a proper way to lose weight. Whenever I do count my calories it is to make sure I get enough.

What I ate Today #1 |HCLF Vegan video

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