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Mean Chili Bean Burger at Burgerz | The Hague

april 7, 2015

I live very close to The Hague, yet I don’t visit it often. When I do it mostly involves eating dinner with friends. This time wasn’t any different. Some friends invited me to join them for dinner at Burgerz. Of course I said yes, not only because of their good choice of restaurant, but also because it would be fun to eat out with them again.

I enjoy the style, food and location of the restaurant Burgerz, The Hague. Now only one thing had changed to my former visits – I am a vegan now so I do not consume meat, dairy and eggs. Lucky that wouldn’t be a challenge at all. Burgers offers several vegan options!

Meeting up at a Street Fighter tournament
Not far away from Burgerz there was a Street Fighter tournament which my friends attended. I went to take a look instead of meeting up at dinner, because I was quite curious about it. A couple of years ago they went to a Street Fighter tournament where I joined them as well. Just to make things clear Street Fighter is a video game and they had gamers attending a tournament with a price for whoever wins all battles.

Guillaume and Raj were just starting the finals when I arrived, so I snapped some pictures of them in action. After a few battles Guillaume came out as the winner and received a T-shirt for his efforts. When all was over we hung around for a bit longer and played a game called Hidden in plain sights. That my friends, is my new favorite party game! I don’t have any pictures of it so take a look online for more information about the game.


In less then a few minutes after leaving the Steet Fighter tournament we arrived at Burgerz. Luckily there was place for the six of us. We got seated in the back of the restaurant, which I always find very pleasant. Once we got comfortable the waiter came and asked us what we would like to drink.


Almost all the guys were munching on their oreo milkshake. Guillaume had a beer and I chucked down a water. During nice conversations we determined what type of burger we wanted. I spotted a good looking candidate on a advertisement on top of the table. It was The Dutch Weed Burger. Now how does that sound? Geezas really, weed burger? Hahaha. Foreigners are going to think we put it in everything! No but in all seriousness it just contains plants. Maybe next time I will try it out, because I didn’t pick that one. There was a pretty long list of veggie burgers I could choose from. I went for a Mean Chili Bean Burger.


When everybody was done figuring out what they wanted to eat the friendly waiter came by to take our orders again. I specifically asked mine without “fresh” cheddar cheese, but probably in all the waiter’s business he forgot to mention it to the cook. I didn’t even realize it until I took a look at the burger without looking through my camera lens. Everybody got to nomm on their burgers while I asked the waiter for a new one. As you can see in the next pictures the burger contained cheese, but I thought the pictures looked nice so I include them.


After a while my burger arrived and I could dig in myself. I hope they did not just remove the cheese and served it to me again.. I asked them not to do so, but yeah I will never really know. What I do know was that the burger was SO GOOD! It was so filling and tasty. I couldn’t even finish it completely. That is rare because I always finish my food. The burger was spicy and the texture was amazing. I thumbs up this burger and recommend it! Even if you love your meat, you won’t be missing anything when eating this one. First picture was Raj his dish, he couldn’t finish up his plate either.


As final picture a blurry face of mine. Whenever I go to Burgerz I will make sure to bring my camera so I can share their delicious burgers with you. After this we went to chill for some more. It was a really fun day. Find more information about Burgerz on their website here.

Thanks for reading and I hope you liked this post!

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