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Markthal Rotterdam | Netherlands

maart 26, 2015

On the first of October the lovely queen Maxima opened the Markthal Rotterdam. It is the very first ceiling covered marketplace in The Netherlands. No need to get wet on rainy weekends when shopping for fresh ingredients at the market!

I must say it was about time The Netherlands got something as innovative as this. Practically every other country in Europe has one – selling fresh fruits and vegetables, all kinds of cheese and oven baked bread. Unlike any other marketplaces, visiting the Markthal Rotterdam will be a whole experience by itself. Having had a delicious cup of tea with an interesting view over the whole market – I must say this place is certainly not overestimated.

As a matter of fact it is even possible to live in the Martkhal Rotterdam. So you can watch people doing their groceries all day, everyday! Not to mention the beautiful view you will have from up there. Here is a picture of the building so you can finally see what I am talking about.


Just on a two minute walking distance from the station Rotterdam Blaak you will encounter this majestic bow filled with all sorts of local produce and some more famous brands of products. I really love the combination of food, shopping, eating and the architecture it comes with. Yes, I am in love with it! Let me show you more on the inside.


What a overwhelming place! First thing I notices is that the ceiling is so high and colorful. The big windows on both ends of the market really light up the place. Those combinations make it so vibrant and lively. To the right, to the left – everywhere you look there are businesses offering their products to the visitors. There are over a 100 of them which are categorized into food branches and flower shops. To give you a slight indication of the size of the Markthal Rotterdam it is pretty much equal to a royal football field.


The first stop I made was at Vers van de teler, in English Fresh from the grower. I looked around for anything to try out and I had myself a beet juice mixed with other vegetables. It was pretty darn tasty! The people working for ‘Vers van de teler’ were very friendly and made me feel very welcome. Needles to say but my Markthal Rotterdam experience was off to a good start.


Underneath the main floor there is a supermarket and parking lot with over more that 1200 spots. Furthermore it is the center of all logistics. The supermarket Albertheijn was not were I was coming for of course. So let’s proceed :).


The other side of the Markthal Rotterdam was somewhat less crowded. We decided to get lunch here and climb up some stair to enjoy it with a nice view. A relaxing break I must say.


One of my favorite places is where they sell the most fruits and veggies. I easily catch myself sniffling around exotic and fresh produce wondering what to buy, here I did no different. I even found sugarcane! This was probably the first time for me to encounter that in The Netherlands, haha.


Oh yeah, let’s not forget about the amount of sweets and chocolate there is to be found. Everything looked incredibly delicious. No wonder people line up just to take a glimpse of what is being sold. And the smell… Just remembering it makes me salivate.



Made out of chocolate!


The Markthal Rotterdam has a unique vibe that makes you want to stay for longer that you planned. Something that applied to me when I found myself walking around some places for the second or even third time. A lot of visitors probably do the same, no doubt. Within the first three months over three million people from in and around The Netherlands visited the market. That is an incredible number.



Lost? Check out where to go here.

I honestly recommend this spot if you are ever near Rotterdam. It is definitely worth a visit and a few hours is all you need. If you go on Tuesday or Saturday you can even enjoy and outdoor market taking place in front of the Markthal Rotterdam. It is the biggest of The Netherlands.

If you already visited the Markthal Rotterdam I would love to hear your experience! What did you buy? What did you ate? Let me know in the comments :).

Opening hours
Monday to Saturday – 10:00 a.m. until 20:00 p.m.
Friday – 10:00 a.m. until 21:00 p.m.
Sundays – 12:00 p.m. until 18:00 p.m.

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  • Reply Sherilynn maart 26, 2015 at 5:32 pm

    Wat een mooie foto’s heb je gemaakt! De Markthal is zeker een van mijn favoriete hot-spots in Rotterdam! Zoveel keuze! Ik heb de vorige keer macarons gekocht, maar ik vind het ook geweldig om er even door heen te lopen als ik in de stad ben, het is zo’n indrukwekkend gebouw!

    • Reply Kasumikriss maart 26, 2015 at 8:36 pm

      Ah erg bedankt! Ja dat is het zeker, ik ben er helemaal weg van. Leuk te horen dat je er ook zo van geniet!

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