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Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival 2014 – 隅田川花火大会 2014, 南千住

maart 24, 2015

Setting foot outside during the summer vacation in Japan was like stepping into a pool of hot steaming water. Boy, it is hot there. On this day it wasn’t any different. Tatsuya and me had spend the night in Shibuya. We woke up around 10 a.m. and started our day with some iced coffee and scones for breakfast at Starbucks. It was the Starbucks with the view over Shibuya Crossing.


We were planning to meet up with some friends in Shinjuku, so we couldn’t stay too long in Shibuya. We started to walk all the way from Shibuya Crossing to the station of Harajuku, checking out some stores and malls along the way.

Shinjuku meet up
When arriving in Shinjuku our friends were somewhat delayed and we had to fill up that time with something else. Luckily there were all kinds of festivities taking place in Shinjuku and we hadn’t eaten lunch yet. I think there was a festival with people from Okinawa. I remember I liked their style of music and dance.

After a while we encountered our friends and decided to get some drinks at a English pub not too far away from Shinjuku Station. It was fun hanging out, telling stories and whatnot. Although I got the chills from the air conditioning inside of the pub. It was freezing!

Dining on the streets of Minami-Senju
Tatsuya told us about a great spot to see the fireworks from at night. A spot in the middle of a street that lucky enough wasn’t crowded at all. It also was at a walkable distance from the station. Once we familiarized with the surroundings of Minami-Senju we agreed to get some food at a combini(convenient store) nearby. It was practically our dinner. For me this was the first time getting a proper meal from a combini and it wasn’t bad at all, but rather tasty. Better than McDonalds, hands down!


Spectacular Hanabi
The fireworks lit off close to the Tokyo Sky Tree. At first it wasn’t dark enough to see the fireworks in all their glory, but eventually when the night started to set in it got very visible. I did not take pictures of the hanabi, only shot some videos of it. Hanabi, 花火 is Japanese for fireworks. There was hanabi in all colors and shapes. I even saw pikachu in the sky! Check out the video I made at the end of this post to see it.

Unwinding in a local bar
Tiredness struck us after the fireworks were over. We weren’t heading home yet, because it would be very busy at the station if we did so. Everybody would be heading home now. Tatsuya suggested us to spend some time at a local bar a couple of blocks away. Entering the bar we got a very friendly welcome and took a seat in a cozy corner. Accompanied with some drinks we spend our time in the bar getting into deep and interesting conversations. It was a day that I won’t be forgetting anytime soon :).


Sumidagawa Firework Festival 2014 video

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