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7 Tips to Minimize your Closet

maart 23, 2015

It is 7 a.m. and you find yourself starring at your closet, wondering what to wear today. After school you are going to hang out with some friends you haven’t seen for a while and the sun is finally out again! Pretty exciting stuff. Something cute would be nice, but you got to keep it decent for school. You start digging into your closet, taking out some shirts, tossing around some pants. “Geez.. when did I bought these?”.. “Hmm.. too bad I don’t fit this shirt anymore”. At some point you realize you made a total mess and can’t find a thing. And the worst of all, you have no idea what to wear!


Did this sound familiar to you? For me this used to be a pretty common case. I’ve tried a bunch of things to avoid situations like that, but nothing really worked. At some point I came to the conclusion that I needed to get rid of a lot of clothing. Not just to make some space in my closet, but also to make some space in my mind.


I listed up some of the things that helped me declutter my closet and made me achieve a more minimalist wardrobe. Keeping some key pieces as a base saved me a lot of time when putting together an outfit, because I didn’t have a lot to chose from anymore. Think about it! Do you really need five different handbags to fit different outfits? Time to stop wasting time in front of your closet and get organized!

1. Be honest to yourself
Take a good look into your closet and be objective. How much of your wardrobe are you really still wearing? Get rid of what you haven’t worn in over a year. What makes you think you will wear it in the upcoming months or so? The thought that you will definitely need it someday should be invalid at this point. If you really, really need it in the future you can always purchase it again.

2. Sort it out
It is understandable that sometimes getting rid of stuff can be difficult. A helpful thing can be to split your wardrobe into three piles. One pile with clothing that you definitely love and wear frequently, another pile for the clothing you certainly want to get rid of and one more pile for the clothing you have mixed feelings about. Place the pile of clothing of which you have mixed feelings about in a bag and save them somewhere else, other than your closet. For example your basement or a shelve you barely look at. You can always get some pieces back if you want to wear them again. If you have that bag sitting there for over two or three months it is time to get rid of it!

3. Out of sight, out of mind
It is more likely you will forget about something when it’s not around anymore. Same applies to clothing that is not in your closet anymore. When using my second tip Sort it out you will have a pile with clothing you have mixed feelings over. As I said, put it away. At some point you won’t even remember what you put away.

4. Quality over Quantity
Remove bad quality pieces from your closet and keep the ones that can last you for a longer time. One good sweater is better than four bad ones. Find some holes in your socks? A nasty stain that cannot be removed from that skirt? Why would you even still want to wear it? Throw them out or use them as cleaning cloths!

5. Don’t be impulsive!
Buying something because it is in fashion or because it is cheap is money wasted. You really don’t have to follow all the fashion trends and probably that cheap item will find its way to the back of your closet. Invest in clothing that you really love and that serves a purpose. Get it when you really need it. Not only does this save up closet space, your wallet will be thankful too.

6. Comfort above all
How many times have you struggled to fit in those jeans? It can be pretty uncomfortable needing to unbutton them after eating dinner. Scratching, itching, tugging fabrics and anything too small or too big, out it should go! Although too big can be very comfy :).


7. Functionality
It make sense that sweaters and scarves should keep you warm, shoes should not hurt but support you and a coat should be wind and water prove. Functionality is key in a minimalistic wardrobe. The pieces you have should serve a purpose. Stop hurting yourself in high heels for the sake of looking sexy!

Now what to do with all the clothing you don’t need anymore?
After minimizing your closet you probably don’t just want to throw everything away. Maybe some relative would very much appreciate some of your clothing. You can even sell or donate them to a good cause. Not only will it make you get rid of it, but it will make somebody else happy as well!

Hope you found these tips helpful. Have you already tried some of these? I would like to know how it worked out for you? Also if you have any tips of your own, please share them here! Thanks for reading.

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  • Reply Justine maart 23, 2015 at 6:03 pm

    Great tips! I rearrange my closet for almost 4 times a year. Everything i haven’t worn in between, goes in the donation bag. If i miss something after donation? Wel.. that just sucks. But you can always buy a new one if you really really miss it. (But that probably won’t be the case) 🙂

    • Reply Kristel maart 23, 2015 at 7:55 pm

      Thank you! Looks like you rearrange every season, keeping it fresh and making others happy. I agree with you on that. At some point you won’t even remember you had it!

  • Reply Kim maart 24, 2015 at 7:12 am

    Great tips! I love to minimize and also write about it on my blog. Nice to find someone that loves minimizing to!

    • Reply Kristel maart 24, 2015 at 8:51 am

      Definitely going to check out your blog! I have been applying it a lot to my life and will be writing more about it too. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Reply junetwonl maart 24, 2015 at 2:30 pm

    great i know what to do today!

    • Reply Kristel maart 24, 2015 at 4:18 pm

      Awesome to hear :D!

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