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JAPAN VLOG #6 (2/2) | Roppongi Pokémon Center and Kakigori -六本木, ポケモンセンター, かき氷

maart 18, 2015

Welcome to the second part of JAPAN VLOG #6. If you haven’t checked out the first one yet, I advice you to do so and click HERE to see the first part. It will be particularly about Doraemon and the Pikachu Cafe. Both adorable characters that were decorating Ropponghi Hills in the summer vacation of 2014.

Pokémon Center
On my first trip to Japan I visited a Pokémon Center close to Odaiba. Nothing much other than a store selling Pokémon related goods. The Pokémon Center they set up in the Mori Tower was no different. Nevertheless seeing all those adorable Pokémon figures and plushies was a pleasure to the eye. Everything was so colorful that it would instantly brighten up your day just by glimpsing at it. I managed to keep my wallet in my pocket, but Tatsuya left with two Pokéballs and a Pikachu for his little cousin.

Lunch and Kakigori, かき氷
Walking the whole day cost us a lot of energy, hehe. So we went for a late lunch at a Chinese restaurant from which I unfortunately forgot the name of. It was a pretty decent place located within the Mori Tower. I really love Chinese food. Afterwards we walked some more and had ourselves a huge kakigori. There were so many flavors to choose from. I chose a mango flavored one, but unfortunately it wasn’t worth the money at all(paid eight euros T_T), because it didn’t taste that well. Tatsuya had a grape flavored one and Samuel peach if I remember correctly. Theirs tasted so good though!


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