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JAPAN VLOG #3 | Nakano Broadway – 中野ブロードウェイ

maart 12, 2015

Nearby the Nakano Station in Tokyo is a shopping complex called Nakano Broadway, 中野ブロードウェイ.  A long shopping streets, over 200 meter,  will lead you from Nakano Station to Nakano Broadway. Along the way there are lots of shops and restaurants. At the end of the street you will find the entrance to Nakano Broadway which will definitely catch your attention.

Nakano Broadway is known for selling anime collectibles and idol goods. In somewhat way comparable to Akihabara, but smaller. It is heaven for otaku’s and others who get nostalgic by the sight of their favorite childhood hero’s. The deeper you go into Nakano Broadway, the more incredible stuff you will encounter.

Inside Nakano Broadway
When entering I did not know where to go at first. So many incentives, so many stores! There are four floors inside the shopping complex, that meant we were about to have a goooood time. I saw manga and magazine shops, exclusive collectors’ items, figures of all sort of manga and anime, video games and consoles shops, idol related stickers and CDs… The list goes on and on. Probably if you want a shoelace with your favorite Japanese idol on it, they would have it.

The bottom levels of Nakano Broadway are a tad different. I found shops selling regular clothes, shoes, bags and jewelry. Besides that there are some grocery shops which sell everything from fruits to veggies and junkfood to seafood. So even if you don’t like anything otaku related there are still plenty of other options to check out.


Spending all those hours walking through Nakano Broadway was pretty tiring. At the end of the video we ordered some delicious drinks to freshen us up before we went home. It was kind of like a slush, but they added ice cream to it which made the drink taste so good! I’m thinking about making a recipe on it, because it was awesome. Mine was melon flavored and Tatsuya had a cola flavored one.

This day was awesome! And I must say this video is very fun. Thanks for reading my blogpost and hope to see you again ^_^!

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