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JAPAN VLOG #2 | Akihabara, tonkatsu and shopping – 秋葉原、豚カツ、買い物

maart 10, 2015

A crazy place you should definitely visit when you are in Japan is Tokyo’s electronic town, Akihabara. It is a huge shopping area filled with electronics, computers, anime and manga goods and more. An otaku’s dream come true! You will find brand new items, but also second hand items which can be very affordable. It is a place where you can spend hours and hours without getting bored. Oh yeah, and don’t forget the maid cafes!

Walking through Akihabara
The first thing we did when arriving in Akihabara was eating lunch. We wondered around for a bit and found a place. After that Tatsuya was trying to find something specific he wanted to have, so we walked in and out stores and up and down streets in order to find it. Next to that I got some nice goodies myself! Now I am going to keep things short here so you won’t get spoiled before watching the video.


Akihabara is definitely recommended, you will have an amazing time there!

Thanks for reading and watching my video~

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