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JAPAN VLOG #1 | Kashiwa, Natto and talking crows – 柏、なっとう、しゃべるカラス

maart 9, 2015

I already posted stories about other JAPAN VLOGs, but not yet about the first one. This first vlog is filmed with another camera, as you might see the difference in quality with my newer videos. It is pretty nostalgic looking back at this one, hehe.

Alone in Kashiwa
It was my second time in Japan, but I have not been to anywhere all by myself. I was always together with Tatsuya or his parents. Until this time! Tatsuya needed to work for two weeks straight, so I had to entertain myself during the daytime. One of those days I decided to go to Kashiwa without Tatsuya. I kind of understood how the trains worked, I knew which train to take and at which station to get  off. No big deal I thought.

Kashiwa is just two stops from Tatsuya’s hometown. In no time I was on my destination, ready to explore. I walked around, went to places I did not visit yet and did a bit of window shopping. It took me some courage to try to speak in Japanese at some shops, but the more I did it the better it went. Nothing special happened, but on the way back I kind of got disorientated. I checked in  at the wrong entrance of the station and almost hopped on the wrong train, haha. In the end it turned out right.


In the end of the video we heard a crow from up in a tree making sounds, but the sounds sounded like he was trying to speak. It was so funny!

A short post for now, more coming soon! Have a great day ^_^

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