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maart 4, 2015

Ever since becoming vegan I have created more awareness around the chemicals and other substances that are put into products that we use daily. Chemicals and such I would rather avoid. So one time I took a moment to read the ingredients on the back of a toothpaste I was using, just out of curiosity, because I thought that of course they wouldn’t put ingredients derived from animals into toothpaste, right? I was wrong! And also all those words in the ingredient list that you can’t even pronounce without tripping over your tongue.. Do you have any idea what those actually are? (without using google as an answer) When I started asking myself these questions I came to the conclusion it was time to get a toothpaste without harsh chemicals or animal ingredients.

Besides, oral hygiene is very important for prevention of problems like cavities, bad breath and sensitive teeth. Keeping your mouth clean will help your teeth and teeth gum to stay healthy and strong. It is recommended to brush your teeth at least two times a day. Getting a good toothpaste is then also a good thing to consider.

Urtekram toothpaste

At a supermarket called Ekoplaza, here in The Netherlands, I found out about an organic vegan toothpaste which is not tested on animals. Urtekram toothpaste contains chalk and active substances that will clean your teeth, stimulate your teeth gum and make your teeth whiter. It doesn’t contain any foamy substances that will irritate the oral mucous tissue, but still give a nice foamy sensation. The glycerin is not derived animals, but from plants.

Tuttifrutti Toothpaste


  • Stimulates teeth gum and recovery
  • Doesn’t contain SLS/SLES
  • Fluoride free



* = Organic Farming. ** = Made using organic ingredients.
22% of the total ingredients are from Organic Farming.


I must say if you are used to toothpaste with minty flavors this could be a bit of a different experience. To me it tastes slightly fruity and also the taste does not stay for long, but it helps keeping my teeth squeaky clean! I will definitely try out more of their products and share them with you :).


Urtekram sells a lot more types of toothpaste with different flavors. To find out more about the products of Urtekram check out their website:

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